Monday, February 8, 2010

I can assure you

I don't make this stuff up!!!! LOL This is in response to my girlfriend Dee asking me if I ask for stuff to happen to me so I can have something to blog about...NO!!!

I swear....

Snickers has something going on...remember when I blogged Friday about her nose having a sore on it...well, its gotten continually worse and around both eyes now. This morning when I got up, I took one look at her in the daylight and decided then and there we were going to a vet.

Which vet was the issue! Our old vet is in Lynnwood...and that's too far to go! Plus I'd have the kids with fun! That'd take up the whole day!

So I called my neighbour and she recommended a clinic close to home. Alpine View Veterinary Hospital Before we hung up she offered to watch the kids for me so I wouldn't have to wrangle with them as well as a nervous and scared dog. What a HUGE blessing!! As it turned out, I couldn't get in right away, so made an appt for 3pm and waited.

Michaela came over about 2:30 which was perfect...Sam was sound asleep and DJ was outside playing with Kristopher...both kids perfectly content! Snickers and I drove down the mountain to the clinic which was SUPER easy to get to! We went in and immediately Snickers started shaking...and whimpering...poor girl! She also kept trying to hide under my legs...that has to have hurt her nose!!! I had to fill out a history form for her and then we waited. Not too long tho! We were shown to a room to wait for the Dr...thankfully they didn't try to take Snickers' temp (rectally) as she was just too nervous. Before we knew it the vet came in...and she'd already done her homework! I was SO impressed! She'd seen us in the waiting room (I thought she was an assistant...oops!) and while she was in the back she looked up what she thought Snickers might have. autoimmune disease...I've never heard of animals getting it...but shouldn't be surprised! They can get just about anything humans do! BUT...because the sores didn't start in the normal spot and have rapidly grown, she wasn't 100% sure. The only way to know for sure was to anesthetize her and do a biopsy (put her to sleep didn't sound right in this instance!) which sounded expensive to me! So we're treating it like its Lupus....she's on a very strong antibiotic and 20mg of prednisone. 3 weeks for the antibiotic and the prednisone could come down in a week...and then lower still after that. Eventually when it all clears up, we'll take her off the steroid and see if it comes back...if it does, then it is Lupus...if not, then she was nosing around outside where she shouldn't have and got into some kind of chemical (like battery acid...) she shouldn't have! Either was expensive! I sure hope its nothing life long!!! Howie already said we're not spending thousands on her....makes me sad, but I get it! She'll be 7 on Valentines day!!!

Then to add to all the drama...Howie got caught up in the traffic on 522 on his way home...there was a 3 car accident ahead of him and he was 1/4 of a mile ahead of the nearest he couldn't just back track and get the end it made him 40 minutes late! Dinner was easy...but not easy to cook! I did pancakes, eggs and hash brown patties...that was tough to coordinate the timing of! After dinner I grabbed a shower and got to work on Avon. My next order goes in tomorrow! And this, is my largest one yet! All my hustling is starting to pay off!!! I'm excited!

Now, I'm gonna go get sucked into the Bachelor once again!! Supposed to be interesting!!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I am so so so sorry, Missy (and Snickers)

    "Unfortunately canine lupus is an incurable condition. However it s possible that your dog can live comfortably. The main treatment... suppresses the immune system."

  2. My gal-pal works at the Sultan vet, just "down the mountain" and left on Hwy 2!


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