Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have a confession

I get teary eyed watching Canadians getting gold medals and listening to the anthem being played.

There, I said it!

I'm not sure why these Olympics are tugging at my heartstrings so much, but man they sure are! I just LOVE seeing the parents of the athletes or the children of the athletes in the audience when they win! You can just FEEL the pride thru the TV!!!!

And today's women's hockey win was fantastic!!! I was a good wife and dvr'd the game for Howie since it started at 3:30 and that's when he gets off work...I had it all ready to go for him when he came in the door. AND I kept my mouth shut about what the score was...that was hard! lol Of course my parents ruined it for me as they called as soon as the game was over...but I didn't let on that I knew anything as Howie was still watching at that point! That was harder!!! lol YAY CANADA!!!!!!

Today was a stay at home and tackle the laundry day! I won the battle too!!! I got 3 loads washed and dried and folded...not quite put away...and there's one more in the dryer to fold...DJ's blankets and sheets. I still haven't done ours yet...yeah, I'm lazy! But we have only one set of sheets that I just LOVE sleeping on, so I have to do them in the morning so that they're ready to go back on the bed at bed time...and today was a clothes day as the kids were out of pj's. And tomorrow's a little busy is Saturday....maybe Monday....hahaha

Speaking of procrastinating....I got trouble from my parents for not updating my photo blog...and I promised I'd get to it on Sunday...which is why I can't do laundry that my reasoning??

This afternoon while SamSam was snoozing DJ had a blast playing outside with Kristopher!!! It's been a couple of days, so DJ was more than ready to be outside running around! I was even more than ready for him to be outside running around!! He just has too much energy!

I also got my glue gun out this afternoon and made a couple new hair clips for Sam...I need more clips themselves to make that's on my Joann's list for Saturday! She really liked the ones I made and wanted both of them in her hair at the same time! She's too cute for words sometimes!

Before dinner DJ exasperated me in a heartbeat....I'd gotten his juice ready and Sam's sippy cup ready, and put them out of reach...but not quite apparently, as he proceeded to catch the lip of the cup and spill the entire contents all over the counter and floor...and inside the cutlery drawer and the plastics cupboard...NOT a pretty sight!

It brought me back to that day when I was still pregnant with Sam, and DJ was about 18 months old "helping" me bring in the groceries....he tried carrying a one gallon thing of apple juice...and dropped it...the entire gallon of juiced ended up on my floor...Howie found me crying, sitting on the floor trying to clean it up. Apple juice and I have a love/hate relationship!

Ahhh, now he's almost 4 and history repeats itself in a much smaller scale...but it took me back!! In a heartbeat!

I'm gonna go work on the cat blanket, and watch Survivor...

Til next time...ciao!

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