Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

Well...its that time again....FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little fun fact was because two of my girlfriends commented on Samantha's cat in the bedroom story (which, incidentally, happened again tonite, the poor girl!) and while I laughed at their stories of memories from their childhoods, it brought on a memory for me. And that memory is the reason behind my "fun fact" for today!

I can NOT sleep with the closet door open....EVER!!!!!! In our old house, before this one, the closet didn't close, at all...and it drove me NUTS!!!

When I was young...before the age of 12 as that how old I was when we moved from the house that it happened in....I was sleeping in the room that used to belong to my sister Joanne (I think she was at college...) and I remember waking up after having a nightmare about snakes, and seeing the clothes in the closet moving...the window was open...and screaming bloody murder!!!

Since then, I can NOT sleep with the closet door open! Ask Howie, he'll tell ya!! He thinks its funny that I have this little idiosyncrasy!

I will say, I'm trying very hard not to impart this on my children....and I don't close their closets! If they're closed, its because the kids did it, not me! In fact, DJ's missing half his closet door...whole other story!...and it doesn't bother me one bit! But don't mess with my closet door!!

OK...join in!! Tell me one of your irrational fears!!! I know mine's not rational at all!!! It would take a hurricane wind to make clothes move in a closet that was 12 feet from the window!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. its not an unusual fear, but I take it to the extreme - I am so afraid of spiders, big, small, hairy or shaved, makes no difference if they are poison or not, I would die if one touched me anyway. I once abandoned my car at a red light because one was coming down from the rear view mirror. I cant even look or touch a picture of one; I don't read the National Geographic till someone else does first because there are so often pictures of the creatures in there. It irritates me so, because I am not a squeely girly-girl: snakes, worms, other bugs, bees, slugs etc I don't mind but spidersssssss ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ekkkkkkkkkkkkk


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