Friday, February 19, 2010

These half hour naps

Are killing me!!!! Samantha NEEDS two hour naps in order to be the happy-go-lucky girl she typically is!

Today was grocery day...and because its also Friday, I got to sleep in as Howie's home for a bit...once DJ left the bed, I was snoozing great! Shortly after 9 Howie came in to make sure I was up so he could start getting ready for work. While he was getting ready, I got breakfast for us made...he'd already fed the kids....and on the weekends we like home made egg mcmuffins! YUM!

He left just before 10 and we got out the door at 10:30! Not too bad! And I remembered to grab the ink cartridges from the printer to get them filled at costco....did you know they do refills?!?!?! I just found out myself! So I had both refilled and it cost 18.00....the cost of buying ONE new one!!!! HA! I like it!

The down part of it all was that it took an we wandered a bit...I got Sam some birthday presents and DJ too...they both liked what I picked...and thankfully they'll have NO memory of'll be like the first time they've seen them when they open them!! I already got them hidden...out of sight, out of mind!

By the time we got done shopping it was noon...and Sam was saying "hungry" (which sounds like Howie) over and over and we had a hot dog and a piece of pizza to share for lunch. Worked out perfect!

In the 20 minute ride to Freddy's...they BOTH fell asleep! So while I sat in the parking lot I organized my coupons and cleaned out my purse...checked Facebook on my phone....talked with Howie...listened to the radio...and about a half hour after we got parked Sam woke we got DJ up and headed in to the store. I thought I'd be smart this time and take DJ pee before we put him in didn't work so well...about a half hour later I got a call saying he needed to I head back to Playland and run into our neighbours! And she only had Kristopher with her, so she waited with SamSam while I took DJ (and Kristopher followed) to the bathroom. Turns out, he had to pee again...but not much...he could have held it LOL

So the boys played on while we shopped. Lara didn't have much on her list, so of course she beat me! lol We did each rent a movie I'll be finishing up here to go watch it! I got Management with Jennifer Aniston...I'll let ya know!

We got home about 4 and it was a chore to unload the groceries! DJ was out playing and Sam was inside "helping" me put stuff away! Little does she know I'm training 3 years she'll be putting it ALL away! *evil laugh*

As I was getting dinner made I got a text from Lara asking if we wanted to borrow the movie Up...yes! So she brought it over and it was so funny...Kristopher didn't want to hand it was his way of wanting to be invited...which we did! And that turned into a sleep over! So I currently have 3 sleeping children...4 if you count Howie!! :P The boys did MUCH better this time than last...I put Sam to bed first and the boys watched Curious George...when it was done they knew it was bed time...only took them an hour to fall asleep...and no one came out of the room this time! The giggling and talking was cute!

Now, it's my turn to watch a movie....

Til next time...ciao!

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