Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did you know

That a fire fighter has 2 minutes from the time the call comes in to stop what he/she is doing and get dressed in full gear and get out the door!?!?!?

That does NOT seem like enough time to me!

This morning we went and had a tour of a local fire station with the Mommy & Me group. I think we had about 23 people in our group!!! Big, but not overly big! And we had a few new babies that were in slings. Our neighbours came too...but just Kristopher and David with their dad today. DJ was very happy to see them already there when we arrived. I got a tad turned around trying to find the's not the easiest!!!

The kids got to see where the Fire fighters eat/sleep/work and climb in the one of the fire fighters get completely dressed so as not to be afraid of him (DJ did FABULOUS this time compared to 18 mos ago when we did this tour) and they got to see the bed and other neat things in an ambulance...but weren't allowed to climb in it. They turned on the lights for the kids to they were happy!

I was even able to give a suggestion to the fire department....get auto starters for the trucks to cut down on response time! They thought that was genius! Just made sense to

On our way out the door the kids each got a hat, sticker and colouring book....both my kids were ecstatic about the colouring book!

We headed home for lunch and nap for SamSam and once she was down I got busy with laundry/dishes/making dinner so that I could leave immediately when Howie got home. I did too! He was coming up the stairs as I was going down them! We kissed hello and good bye in the same kiss!

I had a meeting in Lynnwood for Avon skin care training and on the way I needed to exchange the car seat, and get an oil change in the Jetta....I would have been fine if I hadn't called Howie as I got to the last bridge to make sure the car seat was in the trunk to wasn't! What a waste of a half hour! It takes me 15 minutes to get down the mountain to the highway...and I could see the highway from where I I u-turned and headed home for the car seat. Grabbed it and headed off. As I'm going down the mountain again the gas light comes more thing to do! Urgh!!!! So, I stop for gas and get back on the freeway. Thankfully traffic was smooth for the most part....and I got to Sears about 5 minutes to 6...and they got the oil changed in the 20 minutes they promised me!! Sweet!!

The car seat exchange was a piece of cake too!!

I made it to the restaurant with plenty of time to grab a go at the salad bar for dinner. Not realizing that pizza was being ordered....but I enjoyed the salad bar more!

The meeting got done at 8:30 and off I went to pick up payment for an order I dropped off on Saturday and to pick up a return....had a quick little 5 minute visit and dog slobber and off I went for home!

Howie was still awake when I got home....he got sucked into the Olympics! We chatted for a few and then he was in, I'm here blogging and longing for my chair!! I can't believe its only Wednesday! There's no slowing down for me til Sunday! Go, go, go!

Til next time...ciao!

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