Monday, February 15, 2010

Go To Mars!

That's what we sorta did today!!

We got up super early (for us!) and ate our breakfast, and got dressed! All before 9 am!!! Imagine!! I was shocked myself! The kids were amazingly agreeable! DJ was positively THRILLED to be spending the day with Kristopher!

We were all (and I do mean ALL) going to Pacific Science Center in Seattle....the radio station I listen to had 1.00 entrance today if you printed off their I printed off 8 of them and off we went! I've never been, but figured it would be a lot like Ontario Science Center back home...I was right!

We found CHEAP parking downtown for 6.00 for the day, loaded SamSam in the stroller and off we went! First stop was the bathroom! Then we were off to see the dinosaurs! I think this might have been DJ's favourite part of the day...he got to turn this handle and make the dinosaur's jaw bone move...then we got to see life size replicas of about 8 dinos...he was happy!

After that we changed it up and went into the Butterfly exhibit...they were EVERYWHERE!!!! We had to be careful not to step on them or chase them or hurt well as monitor children! No easy task I tell you! Lara sat this one out and waited by the exit in case we had an escapee. There were some GORGEOUS butterflies in there! My fave were the robin's egg blue ones! Just gorgeous!

From there we found the Tot section that had musical instruments, water table, climbing toys...pure toddler heaven! Samantha started showing her tiredness and we lured the kids away with the promise of lunch! Worked like a charm!

After lunch we made our way to the Mars exhibit...I got to see a rock from Mars...about the size of my thumb...not big, but still HUGE! They had all kinds of stuff to do and look at, but we noticed the time and remembered (thanks Michaela!) that there was an Illusion show in another off we went! It was good!! There we met up with two other moms briefly from the Mommy & Me group....I hadn't seen anyone else.

Once the show was done we hit up the Seattle Center for lunch for me...I was hoping to get a Subway sub on the way, but didn' I was quite hungry. I was excited they had a Subway in the food court...but VERY disappointed they didn't have the 5.00 special going on...apparently its only "participating" stores...which is horse puckey! No where in their ads does it mention "select" stores only! I oughta call HQ and give them a piece of my mind! Maybe, I will!

Just before 3 we decided we were done for the day and headed back to the truck. Loaded up some tired kids and headed home. Within minutes Caleb was asleep...and as soon as we got on the freeway, Samantha was gone too. The others watched a movie for the most part...

We got home about 5 minutes (long enough for me to unpack the back pack, and pee) before Howie got home...and DJ was off on a bike ride with the Samantha enjoyed her "only child" being a brat! She would NOT go to Howie and was completely glued to me! While I was making dinner she wanted to "help" and dragged a chair into the kitchen...all she really wanted to do was smell the spices I was using...but used her nose the wrong way! It was cute! She did eventually figure it out and get a couple sniffs in.

After dinner I typed up all (and I do mean ALL) of Jake's contacts into an email for him...remember how I wrote them out way back when? He forgot the list here (on purpose?) from this weekend and of course "needed" all his I emailed them to him...good thing he's got a smart(er) phone and understood how easy it would be this way!

Now, I'm all done watching The Bachelor (I have NO clue who he's gonna pick...but sure hope it's Tenley!!) and now I'm heading to another full day tomorrow too!!

Til next time...ciao!

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