Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Ceremonies

Sadly...I've not seen one minute of it...its on DVR tho (minus the first hour or so...Sorry honey!) and hopefully I'll get to see some of it. I have heard already about the death of the tragic! Talk about a dream dying...literally!

Back to reality! DJ joined us around 5, and he was freezing cold, so I let him warm up next to me, and we both promptly fell back to sleep...he then got up about 7:50...which isn't too bad! I told him to go watch TV and he went over to Daddy's side and said "Daddy, do you want to watch TV with me?" and Daddy couldn't refuse! So I burrowed deeper under the covers and dozed for another hour...wonderful!!!!

When I got up, I got all the way ready....we had our monthly potluck for the Mommy & Me group at the library....and we were having company! Our neighbours were joining us...DJ was thrilled!! Even tho they left before we did (she still had to pick something up to contribute) we beat them to the library...not by much tho!

Man, did we have A LOT of people there!!!! Must have been about 20 kids!! That's a lot! Last time we had 6...big difference! We tried having it a bit more organized today than normal....craft time didn't go over so well, but singing and stories were good! And the kids liked picking the hearts off the chair to see which one had the kiss on it. Then we did scarves and music, and then the parachute...which was a HIT!!!! Top that off with the bubble machine and we had happy kids! The food was still something to be desired....its not kid friendly at all! There must have been 4 dozen plate of fruit...I brought PB&J sandwiches and not one was left...a late someone brought cheese sandwiches and they were devoured. So I think for the next one, I'll take over the overseeing of the foods.

When we left I messaged Jake to let him know and he started on his way to hour later I was playing with his phone...having some serious Droid envy!!! *sigh* I may not be able to wait til Aug...

Tonite I went to a Pampered Chef party next door...took the munchkins with me since Jake didn't want the responsibility....they had fun tho! I booked a party for myself for next month...the 12th! If any of my readers want in on my party, let me know! You can order thru my party online and have it shipped right to you!!

Now, I'm off to catch a bit of the opening ceremonies....everyone else just went to bed!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I didn't watch this one - not sure why, not movitvated to this time around for some reason. I DID want to know who lit the flame, though - but my good ol' friend Twitter told me who won THAT honor!
    I AM going next weekend, staying with a cousin in Surrey - going to Hudson's Bay, the Mint, the Harley store (of course, so Olympic appropriate, right?) and hoping to take pics of some of the venues or the people or all of the above!

  2. I dont know your friend, Jackie, but from just plain curiosity I clicked on her name. I wanted to say, I think she may be my long lost daughter!!! LOL Every one of her fav movies is one of mine too. Coen Brothers ROCK, and Best in Show has to be the funniest movie ever. Tell her for me, will you, Missy? Also, I do need some knives, so I will browse the pampered chef website & let you know what I want. No problems sending knives thru the mail?


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