Saturday, January 23, 2010

Full House

Today was the day for cleaning!!!! Howie got home from fishing, fish-less, and ate something and took a nap....he knew Jake wasn't going to be up any time soon! So off he went!

DJ and Sam and I hung out in the living room with DJ just drooling out the window watching David and his sleep over buddies from last nite play in the back yard. Kristopher wasn't out there, but DJ wanted to be out there SO I got him dressed and out he went. He tried so hard to blend in...but it didn't work! A 3 and a half year old is just a baby to a bunch of almost 8 year olds!!

He came in after about 20 mins out there...Kristopher went back to bed since he was up with all the boys last nite....

Around noon tho, he came calling for DJ to play...and off DJ went!! Having Kristopher out there with him changed the dynamic of being with the big boys! They all seemed to get along well! And were all over the place!!! It was like playing real live Where Is Waldo!!

While he was out tho, we got all the cleaning done! I truly have an amazing husband!! He did ALL the vacuuming!!!! All of it!!! Stairs too!!! I tackled the bathrooms and the kitchen! Many hands and works! Jake kept Samantha occupied and then when DJ came in they played hide 'n seek! Both little ones love that game!!

The reason we were going all out with the cleaning??? We were having my BFF and her family for dinner!!!! We've never had the whole family over...and I've known her for gosh, 5 years now! Maybe even longer.....and we've been over to her house many times for dinner, but we've never hosted! This was also her first time to the new it HAD to be cleaner than clean! Y'

They have 3 teen aged hollow legged boys....13, 16, 17.....and boy do they eat!!! I made the lasagna that I assembled the other day...and because Jake doesn't do lasagna, there were burgers....well, it turned out that the boys wanted hamburgers as well as the lasagna!!! They each had 2 burgers and a generous portion of lasagna!! And there was salad and I made 20 biscuits!!!

There's salad left over....that's it!!! Nothing else! I made mint brownies, and there's one piece left!!!!! Talk about a full house!!!

Now, I've bragged about how wonderful and big my kitchen in...but when all the boys came in the kitchen to get food, it suddenly became as small as an airplane bathroom!!! I could barely breathe!!!! It doesn't help that they're all so very tall too!!!!!! Like a tornado touched down...swoosh! All the food was gone!!! LOL!!

Both Howie and I thought there'd be leftovers! HA!! Now we know for next time! And thank the Lord I don't have 3 boys like I originally thought I wanted when I was pregnant with Samantha! Whooo what a food bill!

Now, I'm off to relax a bit...I deserve it tonite!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I've created another blog for the pictures I'm taking...that 365 project....if anyone knows how t make it a "button" instead of a link, please let me know!! Thanks!! Enjoy the pictures!! I'm by no means a professional!

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  1. I guess I should start saving now for the food bills when my boys are teenagers? :)


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