Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You thought I panicked yesterday

HA! Tonite I had an even more panicky moment!!

Wait for it....

This morning DJ woke up full of the excitement that comes with going to Playland while I'm doing the grocery shopping with SamSam! So, there was no "making him go back to sleep" when he woke up at 7:30! BUT, he is now fully trained in turning the TV on by himself...I leave it on channel 118 Sprout for him....and he went potty AND put his own pj pants back on all by himself!!! yes! All this allowed me to stay in my warm bed til 8:30ish! Not too shabby!

We got out of the house by 10:30...again, not too shabby! We hit up the Feed Store for dog food...and then Rite Aid for diapers that were on sale...and then finally to Fred Meyer! Put DJ in and off Sam and I went! About a half hour in I got a phone call telling me he had to pee...apparently they'd tried to page me (I just don't hear it...and I worked in a grocery store for 9 years!!) so called me finally. I did point out that on the sheet that I sign him in and out of it clearly states to call me as I'm hearing impaired! Duh!!!! Took him potty, and back in he went! We finished our shopping, picked DJ up and headed for home.

Wait for it....

When Samantha went down for her nap, DJ tried to play outside....but no luck. He played by himself for a few minutes and came in. It was VERY windy out there today!! And cold! So he came in and watched TV while I took a cat nap! I got up shortly after and made sketti sauce...took a shower...and got myself together to run to Lynnwood for an Avon meeting and a client drop off.

Dropped the order off first and got a brief visit with my SIL too...then hit up Taco Bell...I got a free Fresco Chicken Taco coupon from my PEOPLE magazine...wasn't anything to write home about, so I won't! Definitely NOT worth 1.99!!! I made it to my meeting with five mins to spare! Whew!

Great meeting!!! Got a new lipstick samples! eye cream samples...and won a door prize! Sweet!! Plus, I had fun tonite!! My district manager is getting to know me both from the meetings/emails and from Facebook! Gotta love it!!

Once the meeting was over I booked it outta there! It was already 8:30 at this point and I just wanted to be home...I knew I wasn't going to get to do bed time with Sam, but still wanted to see my husband for more than the 15 minutes I had before I left! I did have one more stop to make on the way home....a manual to return for a dune buggy type car that was given to us for DJ that we've since politely refused...they found another family to give it to and wanted the manual to give with it. Makes sense, so I dropped it off as I was in the area. Left the car running and went to the front door, dropped off the envelope and headed back to the car.

And couldn't get in!!

I'm dead serious!

I then started panicking!! The car's running...

My phone is in the car....

Howie's put the kids to bed....and he's got the other key!


Turns out...I didn't pull hard enough on the door!! In my panicked state I tried the passenger door stupidly and then went back to the driver's door and gave it a good heave ho and it opened!

Oh, the sigh that left me was a whole body sigh!!!

I climbed back into the warmth and headed home! Sheesh!!

I did get to tuck Howie in and then eat a real dinner!!! Man, was I hungry!!!! I did learn that it's okay to bring your dinner with next time I'll be more prepared! Now, I'm off to watch some stuff on DVR...and knit!

Til next time...ciao!

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