Monday, January 11, 2010

It is truly amazing

How such a little body (28 lbs 8 oz) can produce such and ENORMOUS stink when she farts!!!! OH it's truly awful!!!!!!!

This morning started off like any other...DJ in bed with me...Howie off fishing (he had the day of in lieu of working New Years Day) and Samantha in her crib. We all got up and had breakfast....and waited for Howie to come home WITH a fish!!!! He was later than normal too as he got a bit greedy and wanted a 2nd one...he lost it!

Finally he got home just before 11 and the kids were super happy to see him!!! This is 4 mornings in a row for them...they like that! After Howie had something to eat, he got down to business cleaning the fish....which DJ now thinks its his job to help! And by help, I mean watch! He's not fond of touching the fish...which I'm more than okay with!!!

It was decided while he was cleaning it that it wasn't fit for it went in the freezer stash for smoking at a later date! Bummer!

I fed the kids lunch and put Samantha down for her nap...while she was down, DJ played on the computer at which is a GREAT site for kids!!!! He LOVES his "game" on there! I like that he feels important and is learning the way of the computer.

So while he was occupied...Howie was on the couch....I went and laid down on the bed to warm up (yeah, right!) my feet. It worked too! No one came to find me...and I was left alone...a novelty!!

Well, as I'm laying there, enjoying the darkness of the room and the warmth of the covers....I hear Howie come down the hall and get SamSam out of her room...and then within minutes I hear him YELL the loudest I've ever heard him yell..."SWEETHEART YOU NEED TO COME HERE NOW!!!"

I get up and go to find him with Samantha on his lap...and they're both covered in puke! (I'm gagging now just thinking of it!) Her more than him...but still a mess! I grab some wipes and start working on getting her naked....once I get the clothes off her, he gets up and goes to change. I get Samantha to the bathroom and clean her more and wash her hands as she'd "caught" it in her hands too (Did I forget to mention she had a hot dog and macaroni and green beans for lunch!?!?!) and I needed to wash my hands!

She picks out pajamas to wear....which is we put them on and go sit in the chair. Her warning system this time was a whining...just a cough. She wasn't fevered or complaining about we thought it was just a random thing. Howie got a bowl ready for her just in case....well, I'm glad he did!! I caught the whole of the next episode in the bowl....which saves A LOT on laundry! lol While he was dumping the contents down the toilet, I was cleaning and soothing Sam. Poor thing!

Then she wanted to drink something....and while we let her...we made her at least go slow on it! She did fine....

Before dinner, she started farting....putrid, disgusting, FOUL smelling farts!!! Just the tiniest little poof sound and this huge wave of gas would emit! BLECH!!!!!

Along with the gas came the poop! Which I had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with. Not very well either, mind you! So horrid in fact that Howie had to hold a wet wipe (I will forever HATE cucumber melon scented anything now) over my nose while I cleaned her up....and he's LAUGHING the whole time at me!!!!!!!! Yeah, we're a pair of good parents.......

Get her all cleaned up...and into new pants, again! and start getting dinner ready. I decided she was having something light...she kept the juice I made her piece of toast and she had half of a vanilla yogurt.

The farts didn't stop...but everything else did!! And she went to sleep fairly fine....maybe she got a bad hot dog...NO clue! DJ and I both had hot dogs too for its really random she didn't do so well.

I grabbed a shower after dinner (I kept getting whiffs of puke) and then cut Howie's hair for him. Once the kids were in bed I got down to her one blanket finished and started a second one for her. :)

Now, I swear I can still smell puke....gonna go smell some coffee and halt that! I'm also pissed at myself for deleting The Bachelor AS I WAS WATCHING IT!!!!!! Stupid thumb!!!! Gonna go see if On Demand has it...otherwise I have to wait til tomorrow to watch it online...grrrrrrrrr

Til next time...ciao!

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