Saturday, January 16, 2010

From the time I got up

I haven't stopped!!!! Til that I'm sitting and blogging, my world has stopped....whoooo and so has my energy!!!

I surprisingly slept in again til almost 9:30 this morning!!! Howie decided yesterday that it wasn't going to be a fishing day because of all the rain we've had...the river was too YAY me! DJ had me up at 5:30 because I found him sleeping next to me...sneaky bugger! My arm had fallen asleep and that's how I woke up...put him back in his bed (no pee this time as he'd gone at 1:15 when he woke up to tell me to go to bed..hahaha) and crawled back into our warm bed...and out like a light without a single wake up til 9:30!! I'm loving it!!

When I did get up, I got completely ready for the day...SO nice to do without kids who don't even know you're awake!! Put on my make-up (all Avon, of course!) and do my hair...and catch the dog trying to puke on the carpet by the door....yeah, not fun! I saw her making the heaving motion and grabbed her by the collar and dragged her into the bathroom so she could puke on the linoleum...MUCH easier to clean! I stood there talking to her and rubbing her back (like one of the kids) and when she was all done, sent her out and told Howie to let her out immediately.

In the span of maybe 2 minutes...I completely forgot about the puke....went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready and what did I step in??? Yup, you guessed puke!!!!

If you have a dog, you know that empty tummy puke is just bile...and A LOT of it!!! And its slimy!!! And even sitting just 2 minutes...its COLD!!!! GROSS!!!! I washed my foot and called out for paper towel! Got it cleaned up and got dressed.

Ate a quick breakfast and kissed everyone good bye. I had a full day of Avon to do! Deliveries to make and people to see!!

Oh, I had such a good time too!!!! Catching up with my g/f's...a couple weren't home...but most were! Showing them the new products coming out in March...wearing the new perfume (which I LOVE!!!) and letting them all try too! What fun!!!!

I had a appt for 2:30 so between my last delivery and her I popped into Walmart (where else!??!) to get a few things that I just can't find elsewhere, or the price can't be beat! I even got a couple pr of pants for Sam and for DJ! 2.00 a pair is amazing!!! Garanimals are awesome!

I got a call as I was perusing the clothes from my g/f (and reader) saying she was done her lunch date earlier than expected, so she'd meet me...perfect! She didn't know it then, but she probably saved my wallet a headache...getting me out of the kids clothes section!!! lol Met up with her and had a great visit (in my car no less) and then from there I did the very last delivery for a g/f I knew wasn't going to be home (Morgin's mom) as Morgin had a dance competition today.

I got to her front door to drop off the bag, and there's a travel mug sitting there...a bag with something in it and a note! "The vanilla chai tea is for you. + the puffed cow ear is for Snickers" How AWESOME is that?!?!?! I adore chai tea!!! I'd never had vanilla chai...and oh man, was it good!!! Even tho she'd made it probably around 11, it was still warm when I got it at 3! Impressive cup!! I had no idea how thirsty I was too til I started drinking it!

From there, I hit up the McD's for something to eat to tide me over til dinner! Was famished! It was then I got a text that Morgin still hadn't danced yet (she dances for Meadowdale High School) and if I hurried I could watch her. I called Howie to see if it was okay if I went, and he off I went!

I didn't have cash (and I don't carry cheques) on me so I almost didn't get to go in and see her...but the gals at the entrance waived me nice!!! I got there about 4 teams before her team I got to see some dance routines, and some pom routines....not at all like the movie "Bring It On" but I really enjoyed it! Now if I had been there since it started at 1...and stayed til it ended, I might have complained about a sore butt...but(t) I was only there for about an hour and a half...not too terrible! I feel like I got a glimpse into my future with Samantha if she takes the dance route...and I know I'll get A LOT of knitting done!!!!! lol

In the end, Meadowdale dance team placed 3rd!!! Way to go girls!!!!!

From there I headed homeward! Stopped at Freddy's to get the specials that expire a movie (Julie & Julia) and picked up dinner....Howie was a bit frazzled, and the kids were starving!! Boy, were they ever happy to see me...or was it the food they inhaled!?!?! Tried another new Teriyaki place and it was good! Better than the last place!! Still learning what's good and what's not!

So now, I'm off to watch my movie...and veg! Man, my chair is yelling out my name!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I told my mom your canadian woes and she will probably order something to 'help out' she said, starting her xmas shopping already, lmao...was good to visit with you Missy, I need nail polish and may take you up on the lipstick thing, I broke one that was almost brand new and putting it on makes me look like a three year old experimenting with make-up!


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