Sunday, January 17, 2010

I like it when

A day is informative!!! And today was!!

I got up before DJ did...who was snuggled under the covers next to me...since Idon'tknowwhen! He did wake up last nite to pee...and while sitting on the toilet asked me if "when daddy leaves could he take daddy's spot in the bed"...and then told me to go to bed...hahaha SO cute! He's got Howie's pattern down to a tee!

SamSam was awake when I left the bedroom so I went to get her...she was just chatting to herself....again, SO cute! While I was chatting with her DJ came out crying because I left him in bed! For all of 2 minutes! oy!

We had breakfast while I tried calling Howie to see how he was doing answer, so I just left a message. Got the kids dressed and just sat down to the computer when I got a phone call...form a strange I answer it timidly, and hear "I love you" on the other was Howie...calling from someone else's phone....because he locked the keys AND his phone in the trunk while getting ready to leave!

So I take directions to where he is....go put my contacts a brush thru my hair...and grab socks for the phone rings again and this time its Howie on his OWN phone! Whew! There was someone there who was an electrician and he had some tool of the trade that allowed Howie to break into the Jetta without harm. So he saved himself...and me a trip!! DJ was bummed we couldn't go rescue daddy!! lol

I kid you not....10 mins later my phone rings again...its Howie telling me that he's directly behind his dad and g/f who are on their way to our house....ACK!!!!! I wanted to shower before they arrived!!!! Not to happen! So I run quickly to change my shirt at least and put some perfume on (which by the way...happens to be this new perfume Avon is coming out with for Mother's Day...Eternal Magic....LOVE it! It's now my new every day perfume!) and make sure the house is presentable. Literally seconds!!!! I came out of the bedroom and they were already here! So quick!

Had a great visit with them....tried to get Sam to show off her new talent. I chuckle just thinking about it! Yesterday while I was gone all day she started singing. Yes, real singing! No, not with words! I guess you'd say it was more like scatting...but toddler style! Howie said he was about in tears watching her sing for him!! Her microphone....the handle of the toy vacuum!! And she was holding it like a singer would a microphone on a stand. He even said she was using facial expressions while singing and it was just cracking him up! I have NO idea where she picked this trick up...but man, it's FUNNY!!!! He tried to get her to sing for me last nite after dinner...but she knew she was being watched! And wouldn't...the stinker!

This morning...while I was at the computer, she started singing....and I got to watch the whole thing! SOOOOOOOO awesome!!! She's gonna be my little country starlet!! Just you wait 'n see!

Anyways, she wouldn't do the singing thing...but chose to do gymnastics all over Jungle Gym Daddy...both of them did this! After Dad and Ellen left we got down to the business of making lunch! And then I put Samantha down for her nap and left for Session 2 of the Digital Camera class at the library.

I learned SO much!!!! Not sure I fully understand it all...but I'm picking it up! Today's class was short too! I was outta there by I dropped off Julie & Julia (Which I freakin LOVED!!!!!! Oh I want her cookbook now!!! And I wanna make Boeuf Bourginon!!) and headed home.

Dinner was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! Howie did catch a fish this a seal got a bite out we cooked up half of it and froze the other half. Oh it was YUMMY!!!! Both the kids ate all their fish first before anything else! it was THAT good!

Now, I'm gonna go watch TV...I've got it on pause right now...I really do hate commercials!!! blech!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Get over telling us of your sleep pattern. Your blog is getting a bit dull and repetative, yawns.

  2. Missy, you nailed it on the head!!! Water dreams DO equal fertility! Crazy crazy crazy, and having baby #2 has been on my mind a lot lately. You win the dream decoder award!

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