Monday, January 4, 2010

When does this

Whiny, high pitched, full of attitude 3 year old crap end!??!!? I'm serious!!!

He's been on my LAST nerve since the moment he woke up!!!!!

Then proceeded to wake Samantha up by turning her light on!

But, all day, he's been near tears, in tears, or whining about something! I've heard 4 doesn't get any better either...heaven help me!

He even had Kristopher over to play for a bit...we played Chutes and Ladders...DJ won both freakin times!!! And then, without warning, Kristopher went home...without a word to us....I heard the front door I go running out there, and he says he needed some air (he's 3 too!) and then he took off for home. Well, if that didn't set MY 3 year old off...he was inconsolable for over an hour! Begging to go over to his house...asking me to call an leave a message for him to come back over...asking me to see if his mom was online (Yes, he knows I can do that! Smart alec that he is!) Finally I put Bambi in, and the noise level settled! Whew!

Snickers got banned from the house again...she rolled in something AGAIN this morning...and with all the rain we've had overnite, it was nasty!!! DJ told me Sam pooped, but it wasn't was Snickers. I saw what was on her neck, and grabbed two wipes to clean her up...yeah, nothing doing! It came back completely yellow!!! And released even more stink!!! She stayed outside all day, and then in the garage when it started getting dark....I just now sprinkled her with the lavender talc...which smells nicer than her...but she will NOT be in our room tonite!! Howie's promised to give her a REAL bath tomorrow evening! I'm holding him to it too!!! He's got 6 pairs of work pants that need hemming....I'm holding them hostage!! hahaha

Life has returned to normal...everyone's back to back in back in session!! I'm missing The Bachelor right now because of some bowl game that Howie's watching... thank goodness for DVR!! Besides, I much prefer to watch it from DVR...all the promos they do about what's going to happen next is a waste of time!! Just show the dang show already!!! We're watching...not going anywhere...grrrrrrrr lol

Gonna bring up a tote that we found in the garage that has yarn in it....YES!!! And gonna get knitting something...anything!!! This boredom is getting to me!! When I knit, I don't snack! So, gotta get to knitting!!!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. lol hold those pants hostage smelly dogs in bed just sounds BAD!!! what is she getting into???? Izzy has had days like your describing lol with her new brace
    I am trying to gear myself up for a week like that ..lets hope she handles it ok but she is already a bit updset by the thought of the change..

    are you not going to post pictures here???? I want to see your photos!!!!!! Whaaaa!!!! stomping feet and slamming doors:) thought you might not have had enough:) love ya!!


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