Friday, January 29, 2010

I really hate it when

I get spooked by the littlest thing!! I was just down stairs unlocking the child protection on the front door for Howie, when I heard voices....and not the funny ones in my head....and I stop....hold my breath....and realize the TV is on downstairs....WHEW!! And I'm breathing again! I'm sitting here I hear Samantha yell out for me (She's been in bed almost a half hour now) and I go running...the last time she called out to me like that she'd puked....I turn on the hall light just in case...and I go in there.....

First of all, she had a cat trapped in her room....which she HATES!! And knowing Jazz, she tried to get up in the crib with Samantha which is why she would have freaked! And second of all, she's trying to hand me something....I timidly reach out for whatever is in her hand expecting it to be food...and its her earring. At which point I realize what she's saying to me is "pretty" and that its out. I flip on her light to find the back...its on the floor....put it back in her ear....tuck her back in....and shut the light off. Whew!

Both the kids are worse today with the coughing and runny noses (still clear!) and so we had an inside day! DJ didn't much like that! He and I did go get the mail tho, just to get some fresh air...he had just woken up from a 45 minute nap.

Howie's on the mend tho...he went back to work today! Just in time for the weekend!! lol

My Avon came today, so I got it all sorted out and written up and samples added....and all the new books stamped and dated! Did you know, that Avon is donating a million dollars to help Haiti?? AND that in campaigns 4 (Feb 9th), 5 (Feb 23rd) and 6 (Mar 9th) they're also going to donate .50 cents from each full size Skin So Soft product to benefit Haiti!! Pretty kool eh?? How many other people can say the company they work for donated a million??? And now, you know!

My house smells SOOOOOOOO good!!! I just took a pan of banana muffins out of the oven (thanks Mom for calling with the recipe! I won't lose it this time) and now I'm patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for them to cool just a bit before I eat one....or two! Oh they're so yummy!!!! I have half a mind to make some peanut butter cookies too....we'll see! The muffins just might be it for now!

I'm off to veg waiting for Howie to come home! Might watch another Human Target (have you seen it yet??) that we have on DVR together....

Til next time...ciao!


  1. We had a giant farmhouse in Sultan when I was growing up. When I was 3 (and my brother was born) I was moved up into an attic bedroom, all by myself, with a full size bed all to myself (..which I had until I left home at 18 TYVM.) .. Not long after 'the new room' one night something jumped up on the bed and scared the 3 yo piss out of me. I still remember the night, still. (YEs, 35 years ago. Yes, I was 3. Yes, I remember it. Really.) I was FORBIDDEN to get down from bed until somone 1) came and got me, or 2) was yelled at from downstairs that it was OK to get down, come downstairs. So - following orders, not getting out of bed, I screamed blue-bloody murder until my Ma came upstairs... found out it was a neighbor's cat (we didn't have any) that had likely stowed there all day, and was coming up for a snuggle. Whatever. Stupid bastard cat. I've hated them ever since.
    There. Done. End of my I-hate-cats-and-there's-one-on-my-bed-touching-me story. (Thanks for bringing THAT memory back!) Haha. :)

  2. When I was around 4 or 5 we were living in a house in Ballard and my bedroom was upstairs and over looked the backyard. We had two dogs that usually slept out on the enclosed porch. My mom worked nights so we had our babysitter with us at night.

    One night the babysitter heard a noise out on the porch. She had already brought the dogs in the house for the night and they were barking at the back door. She came upstairs and we were all looking out the back window trying to see if someone was really trying to get in the house. The noise got worse. So she finally called the cops.

    LOL...there was a bucket that fell down on the the outside stairs and the screen door was banging against it. I'll never forget the cops walking up the drive way with their guns drawn and yelling into our back yard.

    We all laughed afterward!!

  3. I laugh while reading these and now know what I'm putting up for my Fun Fact on Friday!! :)


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