Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I have to tell you

I really feel like I've been disserviced (is that the right word?) by the eyebrow waxing community!

Until today that is!

I'm not sure why, but when I look at magazines, or watch TV, I'm always checking out how the women's eyebrows look...some really do look ridiculous! And totally unnatural! But others look so awesome!!! Courtney Cox Arquette has amazing eyebrows!! Just to name one...

Well, today, I feel like I got the Courtney Cox Arquette treatment!!! I am in love with my eyebrows!!!

We went to a new (to us!) hair dresser for DJ to get a cut...and on her business card I noticed she did waxing...so when I set up the appt, I made one for my brows! Y'know, the last time I had them done professionally, was in May when I went to Maui...man, that's a long time! Good thing I tweeze, or I'd definitely have a unibrow by now!! ugh!

DJ did awesome for his hair cut! Even let her use the clippers on the back and sides!!!! He saw me give Howie his last hair cut and today remembered that and was okay with it. Said it tickled like his toothbrush tickles his teeth! (crazy the way they associate!) and cringed a bit, but half way into it he started relaxing and playing with the toys. YES!!!!! Finally!!

Oh he looks SO handsome too!! I took a before pic, and forgot to take an after...I'll be sure to do that tomorrow after his bath!

Then it was my turn, I laid back in the chair and got waxed! It was a different wax too...this kind dries and peels off...not strips! And it didn't hurt that much either! Pleasantly surprised!!! My only dislike was the coconut cream after...I detest coconut! Blech! When she was done and let me see them I was in awe!! And I'm sure I've looked at myself in the mirror more today, than most days! lol I'm really not a vain person...honestly!

I had such a good time chatting with Anneke too (that's her name, nice eh?) and meeting her family!! She's got an 8 year old boy and a little girl who's literally 1 day older than Sam! I think Samantha really liked having someone on her level...but she insisted Aliya was a baby! It was cute! They're very similar little girls! And we'll definitely be getting together for a play date! They also have a playground in their yard that DJ was drooling over...but it was VERY windy day today!

We came home and ate lunch...just as we sat down Howie woke up! He'd gotten a phone call last nite just before 1 am, and had to go in to work...he came home just as we were getting dressed this morning. He had breakfast with us and went to bed. I was glad to have the appt for DJ to keep the house quiet for him. Worked out well!

After Sam's nap we went into town to open a new bank acct with the bank that has our mortgage...our credit union doesn't have a branch out here, just two ATM's...kinda gets old! But we're not switching for now...at the same time, we took advantage of their "dangling carrot" that they have right now....open and acct with 100.00 and they'll give you 50.00! I like free money! lol

I like that its getting lighter and lighter every day! We got home just after 5 and it was still light out enough for DJ to play for a bit with Kristopher outside. And I got to visit/chat with their mom! Haven't done that in a while! It was good to catch up with her!

Now, everyone's in bed...I know the kids are sleeping but Howie's probably reading...I wouldn't be surprised tho if he fell asleep already...he was dozing while we were watching American Idol. DJ was funny...after we said his prayers/sang/hugged/kissed/butterfly kissed/nose kissed/and kissed some more he called out for me about 10 mins after I left...I go in there and he's sitting on the bed and says to me "I need a kiss! You left without kissing me!!" HA! What a stall tactic!! Tucked him back in and kissed him 10 times!!! 5 mins later, he's calling out for me again...but this mama is too smart! He was asleep when I went to check on him 5 mins later!

Off to knit...I didn't end up frogging the blanket I started...but did finish it...it looks like a doll scarf now! I also started a new one on the bigger needles and got just as much done inch-wise as I'd just cast off! Sad!!! 8's were way too small!!! I'm liking the 10's! My 10.5's were otherwise occupied, so 10's it is!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. having problems posting again so if this comes twice, you know why. I'm with you, I love how my eyebrows look when I have them waxed. I call it my cheap & easy face lift. Its a tad addicting, I just cant stand plucking now. that hurts more than waxing.

  2. Thanks ever so much for not telling us all about your sleep schedule! How refreshing!

  3. If you're with BECU, you can make deposits at USBank ATM's into BECU checking accounts (has to be at the ATM, can't walk in.)

  4. I haven't had my brows waxed since Maui either! I can't wait to add that back into my budget...makes such a difference!

    WOW, not sure if anonymous meant to be rude, or if that is just how I am taking it. I like hearing about your sleeping woes...makes me glad I am child-free right now! LOL

  5. Fiona...yes it is like a cheap and easy face lift!! I was admiring them today too!!! lol

    Jackie...I did NOT know that!! We have two here, one in Safeway and one in Freddy's...so I'm covered ATM wise...I just feel like it takes longer to be "cleared" on my acct....just me!

    Shirah...the gal who did mine, has a special on for 5.00!!! With the money I was saving on the haircut in the first place, I couldn't afford not to get them done! Wanna come up for a visit and a wax!?!?! LOL


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