Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Papa may have a brand new bag

But mama got a new look to her blog!!!!!!

Like it????

I got brave and asked Elizabeth (the one you're supposed to send an email to about me being crowned Queen for the Week over at her blog!! is the address you need to email her as to WHY I should be Queen!) how to change the template on my blog...I really like hers, and was quite bored with the ones Blogger has...and really, I was due for a change!!!

I also got brave and asked her a couple other'll see on Friday!

Today was another RAINY day!!! And when I got out of bed this back instantly started spasming!!!! Oh it was brutal! Lifting Sam into her high chair was torture! When it still hadn't quieted down after taking Advil, I went to lay down on my left side for a bit. Of course, the kids HAD to join we read books! And then it was time for Caillou, so I got 22 mins of peace to just lay there and wait for the pain to pass. It worked too! So I got up and tested it...yup, Advil kicked in!

Samantha is back to normal, so she got normal foods today...and even shared the hummus with the dog! She got it out of the fridge, and DJ put it on the table....she got it down from the table and opened it up...and let Snickers have some....WHY!?!??!?! All this, while I was typing up an email the length of this paragraph! Go figure! Good thing I'm a dog lover.....

The sun broke thru at lunch time, which meant DJ was quite anxious to get outside and play! Off he went while I put Samantha down for her nap....turns out they weren't quite ready to play yet, and so he and I walked to the end of the driveway to get the mail. We came back inside and had some giggle time...much like snuggle time, but with lots of giggles!! It was then I noticed Kristopher getting his boots on! I didn't say anything to DJ until he was on his way here....and DJ shot off the couch and down the stairs to get dressed again!

Wouldn't you know it....a half hour (if that) into playing outside, it starts raining again!!! They tried building a fort with a tarp and he told me how cool it was! The tree house was mentioned...and Michaela came over to see if they could up in the tree house....but that was that. About 4, DJ came in the house sopping wet!!! But he had the biggest smile on his face for getting to play with his friends! We stripped him down to his skivvies in the front hall and went to wash his hands, and get clean dry pants on. His hands were FREEZING cold...and I'd like to thank his father for teaching him how to use those cold hands as a weapon!!!! brrrrrrrrr

Howie was late coming home, so to pass the time, I read books to the kids...they both LOVE reading!!! And yes, the exact same books we read this morning!! With the addition of 3 that was 9 books we read!!! YOWZA!! DJ got a bunch of paper books for Christmas...and so far, he's treating them okay...which also means, they're a bit more longer and more involving...he enjoys it!

Now, dinner is done, but the dishes still have to be dealt with...Howie's lunch is made, but coffee still needs to be set up...and I still have to run to the store for cat food...if only the cat hadn't puked it all up in the hall...and I didn't have to go step in it....oy!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. cool blog background!
    i can't believe they sit and read! Clayt loves his books, but won't sit still to read them! (he just carries them around, opens them sometimes to point something out, and continues on...)

  2. LOVE the new fits your personalty so much more! I know the new descriptions of the kids too!!


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