Saturday, January 30, 2010

Date Night

Has officially been renamed to "Hot Food Night"

Howie and I had the extreme pleasure of having a date tonite!!! Just us!!! NO kids...well, not our own anyways!! (Ours were being watched by Michaela, our neighbour....DJ was VERY excited for this!!!)

In fact...he suggested there should be a restaurant where kids aren't allowed! But we can't afford "those" restaurants!!!

Instead, we (read HE) chose Mexican!! Ixtapa to be exact! I had a coupon in my Entertainment guide that made up my mind! I'm not big on Mexican to be honest...most times because I don't know what I'm eating! Tonite was okay! I had sizzling beef fajitas....and Howie had his standard arroyos con pollo...a chicken dish. Our food was SO hot....we burned our mouths on the first bites! We're just not used to hot food! Kids come first! And even then, their food isn't that hot to begin with! Go figure!

Last nite was a miserable nite for me!!! I went to bed shortly before 1....turned the light out about 1:17....about 1:35 I hear a "Mum, can I crawl into bed with you?" from DJ....lovely! I put him back in bed with music and tuck him in. Crawl back into our bed and I'm wide awake again! I toss and turn for what seems like an hour! And before I know it, I hear "Mum, I have to pee!" OY!! Its now off we go for him to pee. During his sit, he tells me that he doesn't like how dark it is in his room without his night light (the bulb burned out) and that he's afraid he might fall out of his bed. I ask him if he's ever done that...he says I ask him why tonite would be different...he had no answer!!! I put him back in bed, and crawl back into my own! Thankfully I fall asleep quickly!

Next thing I know, I hear "Dad, can I sleep with you?" and dad hoists him up in between us....its 4:30, just in case you're wondering! I should have gotten up and gone and slept in HIS bed...maybe next time I will! I do NOT enjoy having his knee in my back!

At about 6:30 I hear Jazz scratching to get in the bed Howie's normally up by now on a work day and she wants to sleep on the bed! I get up and let her in. While I'm up, my bladder sends an urgent message, so I side trip to the bathroom! Back in bed to the knee in my back....

7:30 DJ wakes up and says "Dad, is it time to get up??" and dad replies, "Go to the living room, I'll be right there" I then spread out on the bed right in the middle and fall back to sleep til just about 9.

What a miserable nite!!!

Tonite, on our way home from our date we stopped at the dollar store (most romantic, no?) and pick up some night light bulbs!! And a few other things! I haven't really explored the dollar store to its full potential cuz I usually have the kids with it was nice! And they were playing country music, so that was good! lol

Today was my Avon delivery it was nice to catch up with my girls!!! Even popped in on Jake's girlfriends house....tonite (right this minute actually) is Tolo...the equivalent to Sadie Hawkins for Canada...where the girl does the asking. It's a hoity toity dress up nite too! I can't wait to see pix! With it being our date nite, I couldn't join in on the festivities of picture taking before dinner, so I'm still waiting for pix to be emailed to me! I did get to see Morgin in her dress tho...and I'll be damned if Sam thinks she'll be wearing anything like that! Morgin's lucky I'm not her mom!!!!! lol She knows it too!!

I'm off to watch a movie....I rented Ghosts of Girlfriends Past....been wanting to see it since October!!! Finally, I get the chance!!

Til next time...ciao!

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