Sunday, January 10, 2010

I can officially state

That District 9 was the most bizarre movie I've ever watched!!!!! Right up there with The Fly!

I am by no means a Sci-Fi fan, and this movie solidified it for me!!!!

I dig get a lot of knitting done tho! I'm making Samantha's some doll sized blankets for when she puts them to bed! She's currently using the snuggie, and that's a little large!!!! Or she uses one of her own I thought I'd remedy that for her! Finally, I can knit for my own kids!!!!! I love it!

Today started rather early!!!! Like 7:03!

Oh, the boys finally fell asleep last nite about 9:35 after 5 trips in the room....2 trips each for them to come tell me something. My fave? When Kristopher told me he wasn't tired and wanted to stay up to "enjoy the WHOLE day" hahahahaha yeah, then DJ tried that line on me! Silly boys!

Howie heard Kristopher this morning calling out for DJ....who was snug as a bug in OUR bed clinging to my right arm to keep from falling off the bed! Howie got dressed and went out to keep him company...and DJ woke up to join them! Which meant I got to sleep in.

Who are we kidding?!?!?!

Have you ever tried sleeping when there's 3 rambunctious (cuz you KNOW they woke SamSam up!) children in your house!!!

OH wait...the trick is to be a teenager!! Jake slept right thru it ALL!!!

I finally gave in trying to sleep in about 9 and got up. Fed the kids breakfast and then ate myself. About 10 ish, Kristopher said he wanted to go home, so I called over to see if anyone was ready for him to come home...they were! So off he went! And apparently, he ate 3 bowls of cereal when he got home too!! I promise...I didn't starve him!!

After breakfast, I bathed the kiddos...which brought us to lunch time....fed everyone and then DJ went out to play. Samantha went down for a nap. Howie took Jake out driving, finally getting him to use 4th gear! And I fully enjoyed the quiet of the house!!! Got some cleaning done....some clutter dealt with....and a much needed shower! Perfect afternoon!!!!

You see, we were having company for dinner!!! Jake's girlfriend, Morgin, and her mom Joanne. They arrived shortly before 6 as I was pulling everything out of the oven! Perfect timing! What a feast too!!! Lasagna from the freezer that I made however long ago...a BLT Caesar salad...and crescent rolls...with brownies for dessert! Yup! A feast!!!! The only one to skip it was Jake...he had burgers! *eye roll*

After dinner we played games...Blokus (LOVE that game!)...followed by Mad Gab (another fave!)...and lastly Scattergories! Only played 3 rounds of that was it was starting to get late and they still had a drive home.

It was after they left that we watched District 9....of which, Jake seems to think there'll be a District 10...I hereby state: I will not be watching that!!!

Now, I'm off to bed...its late, late, late!!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. I didnt like District 9 either Missy...think I fell asleep watching it

  2. lol i liked district 9:) but sifi is in my blood lol my unlce is Jack Williamson:)

  3. I swear I just heard that same thing yesterday from I'm gonna guess you're her brother...??? lol


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