Friday, January 8, 2010

I may be a

Glutton for punishment...but it seems to be working!

DJ is having his first sleep over here tonite....and so is Kristopher....his first EVER away from Mom and Dad...good thing they live next door so if he gets spooked in the wee hours of the nite he could go home easily! Its been fun!!! Lots of running and yelling...and of course tattling and yelling....I'm hoping they wear each other out so much there won't be the proverbial giggling in the dark! hahaha

Before my very eyes my little boy is growing up!! This is the first of many I'm sure!

This morning I got a treat...sleeping in!!! I can't even tell you the last time I got to sleep in...I know it was way before technically, last year!!! (good one!) I woke up at 4 am to DJ climbing in on my side of the bed....but when I realized what time it was, I marched him back to his own bed! And decided to pee while I was up. So when 8 rolled around and DJ opened the door, Howie said, "Just go out to the living room and I'll be right there" and I snuggled even deeper under the covers thinking to myself "I'll just stay here another half hour"

Ya, right! I woke up when Howie came in the room at 9:20 saying he needed to get ready for work! I was shocked!!!! I think that was the best hour and 20 minutes of sleep I'd had all nite!

Got up and fed the kids (Lord knows what crap my husband gave them already!) and had about 3 melt downs from DJ in the space of a half hour! NOT a good way to start the day!! In fact, he was in his room on time out when Howie woke me up!

After many threats, and promises, we headed out the door to go to the monthly pot luck with the Monroe Mommy & Me group! I will say, cooking ground beef before 10 am is not something I'm fond of!!! I got all the other ingredients together last nite so they could meld flavour-wise...but didn't want to cook the meat til this morning. Last pot luck, there was NO real was all snacky and crap! So today I wanted there to be real food!! Chili is a good one! One of the other moms brought taquitos (or something of that nature) and oh they were yummy!!!! And today, there was bagels and pb+j sandwiches! So the kids had a good lunch!

DJ got a serious lesson in what it feels like to be bullied! There was a 2 y/o boy there that was NOT having a good day! And he felt the need to take it out on just about everyone there! Adults included! I will refrain from judging the parenting style and leave it at that! Just not my way of doing things...obviously!

We were supposed to have a play date with our good friends Izzy and her mom Wyndi...but with DJ having the hives last nite, she didn't want to expose Izzy to them with all the dr appts she's got coming up! We were all bummed, but of course, totally understood...well, I did anyway! DJ, notsomuch! But once Kristopher came over, all was forgiven!

They're watching Bambi right now while I'm blogging....bed time should be fun!

I'll hit pause here right now (on the blog, not the movie! They're sitting quietly!!) and when I come back I'll announce the winner of the contest!!!

Sit tight!

Ok and the winner is.............thanks to

Drum roll please!!???!!!

Lisa C!!! I already have your address, so when I send the cards out, there'll be one with your name on it!!!! Congrats!!

For the rest of you, I'll try and get my neighbour (who reads my blog) to scan in the photo *please Lara??* so you can at least see what it looks like! Those of you who are local (by that I mean, in state!) are more than welcome to drop by and see the hard copy for yourself!!!!

Ok...all three kids are in bed...the boys aren't sleeping yet, but they're all in their beds!!! Whew! It wasn't that hard either...DJ only came out once...oh wait...I hear the door now.....gotta go!

Til next time...ciao!

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