Thursday, January 14, 2010

They've gone and done it now!

My parents have LOST their marbles!!!!! No, they haven't...not literally anyways. Or metaphorically. Or however other way you'd lose them!!

For the last couple years they've had one eye out for a new motor you can drive instead of tow/pull behind the truck. They already have a 5th wheel...have had it for about 10 years I'd guess...maybe even longer!! Gosh, I can't say exactly...and I can't very well call them right now...its 11:50 where they are!

Anyways...they've been totally snowbirding it down in Florida since early December...and took their 5th wheel and parked it! Even took a 7 day cruise while they were there! Bahamas, St. Maarten, Dominican Republic...and a couple other islands. Don't be fooled, they didn't go for the sights, or the islands themselves...they went for the FOOD!!!! If you've ever been on a cruise, you're chuckling right now...and nodding your head in total agreement! The food on a cruise is bar none, AMAZING!!! I know...I went on one at the tender age of 19 with my family because my very kool much older sister (I have an evil grin on my face as I type this, knowing my SIL is reading this and will report back to my sister :D hee hee) worked for a cruise line and made it just so, that we could go with her on a cruise for minimal cost. We ate our weights in food!! It was phenomenal!! I've since never had escargot the same way...and I've tried!

Anyways...back to mom and dad...they got back from their cruise this past Sunday....and went back to their 5th wheel....and kept reading the RV Trader and making phone calls...they also have a friend down there who was helping them...he's also Cdn and also snowbirding.

Well, I got a phone call from them tonite, just before dinner making time...and they bought one!! A used one...2002 Winnebago Ultimate fact....this picture is the very one they bought!!

Unreal eh?? I told my mom to take a Sharpie and put my name on the underneath of my siblings know...hahahaha That's a family joke! My Nanny used to tell us that when we went to visit her...Put your name on some tape and put it under whatever it is you want!....I think my Aunt did!!

Pretty exciting no? I'm excited for them! They won't be driving it home when they leave, as that's just too much for to drive the 5th wheel and one to drive the Winnebago...altho I could totally see them doing that...they're not. They'll fly down in April and drive it back then.

Our day was boring in comparison to theirs!! We went out and put up two ballot boxes for an Avon drawing I'm at a dentist and one at a hair salon! I'm making it happen!!! Now I can't wait!! First drawing is for the 30th of January! Hopefully I have a slew of contacts by then!

Oh, if you're an early blog might want to check back around noon EST...or 9 am PST...trying something new....let me know what ya think!

Thanks for the compliments on my blog background choice....I like it too! It looks fresh in here!!

OK, off to watch the much anticipated Grey's/Private Practice crossover!

Til next time...ciao!

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