Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a bloody mess!!


DJ tonite after dinner was running in circles (literally!) around the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen. Something both kids have been doing since we first looked at the house the very first time we came here.

Tonite, he was pushing Samantha's baby stroller....and passing by the partial wall of the front hall, he caught the corner of the top board that hangs out about an inch past the wall itself (kinda stupid if you ask me! I've caught it with my hip several times!) and just at his head height.

The cry was definitely one of pain! So, I stopped what I was doing and squatted for the comfort hug. Told him to shake it off and when I pulled him off me to see what was going on, he asked me "what's on your face?" at the same time I saw blood on his cheek! I go running for Howie who's downstairs working on fishing stuff, and he we both go running back upstairs.

At this point (and that was all of 30 seconds!) he's got blood on his shirt as its running down his scalp/hair....YIKES!!!!! I grab some paper towel and blot and it comes back VIVID RED!!! I fold the paper towel to get a clean spot and dab again, and it comes back we start prying thru his hair to find THE spot he hit, and lo and behold its nothing but a surface scratch!! We did not think with the amount of blood it would be nothing less than a chunk of scalp at the least!! So we got both him and me cleaned up and snuggled a bit.

He never said another word about it after that! Not one complaint! He sure is resilient!

Today was FABULOUS!!!!! The sun was shining again and it was 59 degrees out!!! January 20th (Samantha's now officially 22 months old) and it's this warm!!!!!! Kinda makes me wonder if we'll be paying for it with a crappy summer! Oh, I hope not! In fact....I have a, I'm no scientist or the opinions expressed in this blog are mine!....but here's my theory! The weather/temperatures are going to switch! So, Florida will get Ontario's weather, and Ontario will have Florida's weather....and so on! That means we'd switch with California....I can live with that! See, just a theory! lol

DJ got a door bell this morning just after 9:30...he and Sam were done their breakfast, but I was still nursing my shake and going over the grocery list...Kristopher wanted to play outside, could DJ join him! I let him go but told DJ it wouldn't be for long as there were groceries to go get! He was fine with that, so we got him dressed and off he went!

WOW, it was so much easier to get myself ready with just one kid bugging at me in the bathroom! I got Samantha all shoe'd up and off we went. It was then that my neighbour popped her head out the slider and said DJ could stay with them if he wanted I'd even have to ask that question!! I got a resounding YES!!

Shopping with one kid....WOW!!!!! It took me longer tho...I wasn't in such a hurry to get out to make the fighting stop! It was nice! And Samantha was ever so cordial!! Saying "hi" to just about anyone who made eye contact with her! She did keep asking where "Day" is...that's how she says DJ...cute eh?

We did the costco run and then hit up Rite Aid before coming home...tomorrow we'll do Freddy's so DJ can go in Playland.

Ok, off to knit a bit...last nite I ended up "gutting" 7 grapefruit for my morning fruit...what a mess!! Took a LONG time too! Felt a bit like my dad....that's how he does his grapefruit...a bunch at a time instead of just one at a time! It sure was yummy this morning! Might have a bit more before bed! LOVE this time of year for grapefruit!

Before I sign off, there is something I'd like to address...

Dear Anonymous,

This is my blog and I'll write what I want to! If its about my sleep or lack there of, so be it!


Til next time...ciao!

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  1. Go Missy!!! I think you talking about your sleep schedules helps other Moms feel like they are not alone in the lack of sleep!!


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