Thursday, January 21, 2010

I find it hard to believe

That its only January!! I keep having to remind myself of that! Today, it was such another beautiful day out that I had the kitchen window open and one of the living room windows open...airing winter out of the house!!! Oh it was awesome!!!!

I got to hear the boys outside playing with each other....yelling and whooping it up! Man, I can't wait for summer!!! The fun they're going to have....I'll probably end up bathing DJ on a daily basis judging by how dirty he got just from the past two days!

We were on our way out the door this morning to go finish up our shopping, and Kristopher was getting his shoes on to come ask DJ to play outside....his dad was helping him and said DJ could stay if he wanted there was any other answer in DJ's vocabulary when it comes to playing with Kristopher!!! He was off like a shot!!

I buckled Sam up and off we went...knowing I had to be back for Michael to leave for school, I hurried! Sam and I did have fun tho! I snapped some pictures of her having fun in the shopping cart...she was having fun yesterday, but I didn't have the camera with I did! I don't care how dorky I may have looked taking pix of her having a good a grocery store!! lol

I was waiting in line at 11:50....and waiting...and waiting...and finally it was my turn, at 12:00 on the dot!! The cashier had an issue with a coupon...I needed a rain cheque....and I got the wrong eggs....the packer got the wrong replacement thing I know, its 12:13! Now, it typically takes 12 minutes to get from Albertsons to home....and I'm still a good 4 minutes from now I'm starting to panic! As, I'm walking away, I look at my receipt and see I've been double charged for a set of, if it had been a .99 cent item, I would have just passed it up...but this was a 5.99, not passing that up! I go, and wait in another line for customer service, as the cashier who rang me up went on break as soon as she was done my order!

I wait and wait and wait...finally its my turn, and thankfully the transaction was SUPER quick!! I was done at 12:19!! YIKES!!!!!!

I race home and pull in the driveway for 12:34...and there's no kids playing...and no vehicle in their drive...crap! Oh, I felt awful!!!

I unload everything and get Sam in the house before I call, and no answer....crap!

2 seconds later my phone rings and its Lara...whew!!! She's home early from school and she's feeding the boys lunch...*big breath!*

I feed Sam and I and put her down for a nap...calmly!

While she was sleeping I got busy making the sauce for the lasagna I'm making for company on Saturday nite. The house smelled heavenly even WITH the windows open! Howie tasted it when he got home and said we couldn't feed it to our guests as it was just too tasty! He's sweet!

Tomorrow I'll assemble the lasagna and hopefully get most of the cleaning out of the way for plans tomorrow, so I should be good to go! I even got a load of laundry done today to offset what I have to do thinking eh? I thought so!

Oh, as's the before and after of DJ's hair cut! Such a handsome dude!!!

I didn't get any knitting done hands were freezing cold and Grey's and Private Practice were just too intense!!! WOW!!!!

I get to sleep in tomorrow, so I'm thinking I may go watch something else off the DVR...might knit then!

Til next time...ciao!

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