Monday, January 4, 2010

Not ME! Monday

I know its been a while since I posted a NMM know, the blog carnival that MckMama started way back when!

So, I have a few transgressions I need to confess....

Christmas day, when Howie left to take Jake home, and I fed the kids their extremely LATE breakfast, I most certainly did not eat cookies for breakfast knowing that I'd be making a brunch as soon as Howie got home. No, I'd never eat something so unhealthy just to tide me over til I could eat for real!! And, I did not hide the cookies I was eating from the kids lest they want them too!!!! SO not a mom thing to do!! :)

This past week we ran out of the kids' vitamins....they get these YUMMY gummy bears from GummyVites...they have real fruits and veggies in them! Well, giving 2 a day to each kid makes us go thru them that much faster!! So, when we did run out, I did not just give them regular gummy bears that were in the cupboard just to keep the habit up.

Even further back in the memory banks....the time I took the kids shopping before Christmas at costco...and we had to park in an unusual spot for us...which then led to me using a different exit to leave the parking lot....I did not get turned around so completely that I went the wrong way to go home. Thankfully I discovered it before I'd passed the first exit!!! And thankfully the kids have NO clue that I'd made said mistake, or I'd get ribbing from them!!!

Ok, there ya have it!!! Now, join us and leave your Not Me's! in the comments below, or link up with MckMama and join the carnival!!

Til next time...ciao!

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