Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Puke Factor

It seems that Howie is the puke magnet of the family (I'm giggling as I type this...) and Samantha makes it her duty to puke on him!

I had just settled down to watch some TV when I heard her cry first I thought it was DJ crying cuz he needed to I checked on him wasn't him. Then I heard "mummy" in a whiny voice...and went to check on Sam...I didn't turn any lights on til she said "look" at which point I put her light on and discovered she'd thrown up in bed. She was cowering in the corner away from it! I grabbed Violet, who caught a bit of the over spray, grabbed the blanket which got nothing, and then grabbed her out of the bed.

Yeah, she had puke on her I didn't see til AFTER I picked her up...lovely!

I go in our room and wake Howie up to help me out....all the while getting Sam naked and then discovering she's burning up with a fever! Poor girl! Once I get her nekkid I take my own top off and change. Then change the sheets on her bed and get it all ready again.

I come out to the living room and Sam's sitting on Howie's lap, so I grab fresh pj's from the basket of clothes I'd folded earlier...and get her re-dressed. She does NOT want the medicine I'm offering and seeks refuge in Daddy's arms....and pukes!

We even had a bowl ready just in case, but Howie wasn't quick enough to pull her away and get it in the bowl...the second spew was in the bowl tho. When she was all done, I got her undressed, and changed her diaper, and put new pj's on her again! Howie went and changed....he REALLY hates puke!! I wasn't sure if he'd need the bowl right after her or not....he was gagging (I'm really laughing typing this out now!)

Samantha snuggled for a while...asked to nurse...and then went back to bed like nothing ever happened!

This morning I got to sleep in again (I could REALLY get used to this!) and Howie came in about 20 to 10 asking if I was gonna get up for the day or I got up! The kids were already eating, so I made breakfast for Howie and I. Sam was still fevered, so she got plain toast just in case!

We made nap time a family affair....Sam took her nap in her room....Howie took a nap in our room and DJ and I inadvertently took a nap on the couch! He'd gotten up at 7 (I know this cuz he was in our bed hogging my side!) so he was tired! He'd also gotten to play outside for about 45 minutes realizing that Kristopher wasn't going to come out!

When Sam woke up, the fever had broken!! She was upset that the sheet was wet....from sweat...and wanted me to change it again! She got up and took off running!! She was singing and dancing to Barney, and chasing DJ around the kitchen/living room wall...their race track!

Now, the little ones are in bed....Howie's reading on the couch as the nap was a little late in the day for an 8pm bed, he doesn't work til 11 on Fridays....and I'm blogging and Facebooking! Then I'll sit and watch some TV....I have a knitting project in mind, but I'm not quite sure HOW to make it work....and not sure who to ask....I think I'll check my knitting encyclopedia!

Til next time...ciao!

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