Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Famous Last Words

You know the kind....these are the ones I uttered to Howie this morning

"I won't run out of gas!! I should be able to make it to Costco, no problem"

And his response "Famous last words!! You do realize I can't come rescue you if you DO run out of gas, right? And then what?"

"Yes, dear. I do realize that! But I also know the truck and if it says I have miles left til empty, then I do!"

Five minutes later I started panicking!! I was literally on 0 driving around to find a gas station!! I wasn't gonna make it to Costco after all!!! My hands were shaking!! There were prayers being sputtered non-stop!! All I had to do was make it to the next intersection...I could literally SEE the gas station!!!!

*sigh* I made it!! Literally by the skin of the gas tank!!!!

Since it was a Shell station...and I was all of 2 miles from Costco...I only put 5.00 in! I was just gonna do one gallon, but put the whole 5 in. It was a hurtful 2.89.9 per gallon!!!!!! How on earth do people afford to drive if they only buy gas from Shell??? That's INSANE!!!!! It was 2.63.9 at Costco...and I got 7/8 of the tank full on 50.00! Not too shabby!!! That'll get us to and from the library a few times! LOL

We did our grocery shopping and then headed back to Monroe with no sense of panic or rush! Did a quick stop at Albertsons as their specials were up today. I was smart and brought lunch for the kids with me...so they ate in the parking lot with the promise of a cookie from Albertsons bakery. Worked well!

We got home about 10 mins til 2 and Samantha was awake until I backed into the driveway...literally!!! Unbelievable!! She didn't even budge when I unloaded the groceries, so I let her stay there....and put the groceries away and made myself some lunch. Once an hour passed I went down to check on her and she was awake. I think she'd just woken as there were no tears yet! Whew!

DJ had been begging from the moment we walked in the door to have Kristopher come over and play...and lo and behold, there came a knock at the door! He'd come over to play!!! Happy kids I had!! He went home around 5 with the promise he could join us for the pajama story time at the library tonite.

Dinner was a bit early knowing we had to be at the library for 7...but we made it!! And they all had fun! Samantha was cracking everyone up with her constant babble!!! And then she had the NERVE to tell ME to be quiet!!! Yeah, that's her new phrase! "Quiet!" Nice! DJ's new one "You're bugging me!" OY!

We got home shortly after 8, after dropping Kristopher off at home, and then got the kids settled and in bed. New books were a big help in getting DJ to settle! Sam was just plain tired with having such a short nap today!

Now, I'm off to watch Biggest Loser...again, LOVE my DVR!!!! I did start a new knitting project...I LOVE mindless knitting!!!! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

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