Wednesday, January 27, 2010

By George,

I think he got it fixed!!!!!! Since the day we moved in the fridge has not been hooked up to the water at the we have a water dispenser/ice machine.....coupling after coupling has been tried!! A lot of nagging has been done!!! I have made 3 trips to Lowe's in search of the right part that Howie needed....and today....I finally got someone who knew and understood what exactly I/we needed!!!

Like any good salesman tho he over sold me parts we did not in fact need at all! So they'll be going back next time I go to town! Howie HATED the guy I was dealing with too....I had him on speaker phone to tell him exactly what he wanted....and the tone the guy took with Howie put him on edge! So much so, that when I arrived home with the goods, Howie took one look at it all and said it was the wrong stuff! Just dismissed it! MEN!! Later on I asked why it was wrong...what exactly was it he needed?? The guy at Lowe's explained to me all that he gave me, so it made sense to me....but what do I know about these things??

I brought the stuff in the house for him to really look at, and he was able to use the one piece and get everything all hooked up and running!! SWEET!!!!! Now, my job is to make sure those sticky fingers don't push the buttons!!! Oughta be interesting!!!

This morning I got an unexpected surprise!!! A sleep in!!! When I woke up and saw the clock say 9 something, I about panicked!! It was then I heard Howie say something to DJ who was in the bathroom....say what?? Howie came in to see if I was moving and told me he felt so awful when he got up, he called in sick! And as soon as my butt was out of bed, his butt was going back in! He did too!

He's been sick for about 10 days now with a sinus infection gone wrong....he's done 2 rounds of Azithromiacin....and Zyrtec on the side....and now Augmentin....seems like nothing is breaking it up! Poor guy!

Seems Samantha and DJ are not immune either, as both of them now have chesty coughs and runny noses. Thankfully the noses are running clear, so no infection! I'm praying they get over this quickly! I gave DJ medicine to help break up the congestion...but Sam is still too young! It doesn't seem to be bothering either of them really....just when they actually get quiet for a few minutes, and then go and say something, they sound froggy!

Cold or not, DJ doesn't let it affect his play time outside!! He's really in awe of our neighbours daughter who's 12...she was reading to them today and he just loves that! He came home talking all about Michaela! So cute!!!

I was a little thrown tonite watching American Idol auditions when all of a sudden there was girl from one of the videos we have watched 28650 times....she's all grown up now, but as soon as they flashed back to her in the video we have even, I was blown away!!! Good for her!!! And the girl can sing too!!! Kinda wild! Shows ya just out long lasting those videos are...Barney has probably never done anything new in about 10 years! Yet, he's still raking it in!!!! lol

Now, I'm off to watch more stuff from DVR as the State of the Union address bumped everything out of the way....not that we got to watch it....Dragon Tales is way more important don't ya know!??!! ha!

Til next time...ciao!


  1. Tell Howie to try a neti pot. It sounds disgusting, but it relly helps with blocked sinuses.

  2. I've heard of them!! But haven't seen them in a store yet...will have to look! Thanks Fi!


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