Sunday, January 24, 2010

I truly have the most amazing


While he may not listen to me ALL the time...or even hear me sometimes....he's reading me!!!! And in reading me he's learning about me more! And paying more attention!!! Ladies, if you blog, let your husband read it!!! It'll help him understand you more!!! my status update on Facebook from last nite this morning before he went fishing...and decided not to go, and to let me sleep in!! How amazing is that!??!!

All day yesterday I had an upset tummy, but didn't say anything to anyone about it...just kept running to the bathroom...NOT fun! Especially when you have company too! When I went to bed my tummy was vibrating (internally it felt like to me) and I commented that I had an upset tummy and thankful we have a bathroom adjacent to the bed!

I woke up at 8:30!!!! And when I heard his voice, talking one of the kids, I rolled over and went back to sleep til almost 10 o'clock! WOW!!!

When I wake up, I check my phone for emails and texts since I have set on silent, and got a text from my g/f Shirah...she was going to be in the Lynnwood area for a brunch and could I meet her with her Avon! Heck ya!

I ate something quickly and bundled the kids up (our sunshine is liquid once again!) and off we went! Now, I'm sure at this point my husband is thinking I'm a pretty amazing wife...right honey!?!?! He went and took a nap! Jake was still sleeping from last nite....oh to be a teenager again!! Sleep is wasted on the youth...not youth! lol

We did our drive by, got hugs and bolted out of Lynnwood! DJ fell asleep at this point, apparently he was up shortly after 7! I had to keep talking to Samantha to keep her awake...and it worked too! Only once did I have to scare her awake!

Howie called me before I could call him to see where we were! We were close enough that I had him go ahead and make lunch for the kids! Perfect timing!!! Everyone ate lunch together! Kinda nice!

DJ begged to go see if Kristopher could play with him, so I got him bundled up and got ready myself. Today was the last class for that digital camera course I was absorbing at the library. I really, REALLY want Photoshop now!! And classes on IT! The speakers photos were amazing!!!! And I learned a lot! Now, we'll see if I can implement it with my camera!

I stopped off at Safeway on the way home for their weekend specials and SCORED!!!! I got an 11 lb ham shank for4.65!! Oh yeah! The seal on it wasn't as perfect as the others so they marked it down...I'm gonna freeze it anyways, so I don't care! Howie's all excited for another ham!! hmmmm maybe I'll schedule it in for Valentine's dinner! YUM!

OK, you'd think that having lived here for 3 months now that my butt would be used to this's not! Not one tiny bit! Sorry, just had to get that out!!

On a completely unrelated note...welcome back to my blog mom!!! She and my dad are now home from their snowbird jaunt!

I'm off to veg...nothing good on TV, and thankfully football is over for the I'll pick something from the DVR and knit! Or do up more grapefruit...altho, I did get pears today....Oh, I don't know! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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