Friday, January 22, 2010

This has to be some record

60 degrees in our area and SNOW in PHOENIX!!!!!!! That's unheard of!!! Maybe my theory isn't so crazy after all!!

Today I had all kinds of cleaning plans....y'know, for our company coming tomorrow for dinner...wellllll, that got blown out of the water when my g/f Wyndi asked if we wanted company for today! But, of course we do!!!!

While waiting for her arrival I quickly got a load of dishes on the go, which freed up my counters so I could make the lasagna for tomorrow's dinner (YUM!) and mess up my house again! She told me not to worry about vacuuming, so I didn't! I wanted to grab a shower before she arrived, but she was just too quick! LOL

DJ was outside playing with Kristopher when Izzy came....she joined them and I went and had a shower while Wyndi filled out a mountain of paper work for some new doctors....I kid you not, it was a MOUNTAIN!!! Ok, not literally, but if you piled up each and every question on top of each other, it'd be a mile high!!!

Samantha woke up from her nap after everyone came inside to play downstairs (I'll post the pix Wyndi took...SO cute!), but she didn't join them like I thought she would....she hung out upstairs with Wyndi and I...and watching tv undisturbed!

Dinner was a hodge podge....the boys had pizza, Sam and I had left over sketti, and Wyndi and Izzy had mac 'n cheese...but we all had salad!!! It was YUMMY too!!!

After dinner the kids "raced" around the kitchen was cute to watch all 4 of the giggling and running...which morphed into tag....and then they went back downstairs. DJ didn't as he had to pee, but apparently he had to pee a little more quickly than he thought and pee'd his pants staning in front of the toilet!! So I quickly gave him a bath to wash up and put his pj's on....back down he went!

About 20 to 8 Kristopher asked to go home, so he said his good byes and took off for his house....and then just about 8ish Wyndi and Izzy left for their home! I read some books to my two and tucked DJ in bed without one single peep from him...he was TIRED!!! Nursed Samantha and put her in bed! Love it!

Now, I'm waiting for Howie and Jake to get home....he's actually driving here in his own car, but following Howie. Very kool!!! So very grown up too!

I'm off to relax a bit til they get here....

Til next time...ciao!!

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