Friday, January 15, 2010

I love girl dates!!!

My girlfriend, Wyndi, and her little girl Izzy came over this afternoon for a play date! You see, both our husbands work at the same club, and they both get that lovely task of working Friday nites! We were supposed to have them over last week, but when Sam had the throwing up issues, Wyndi politely declined on behalf of her daughter's health! Which I totally get and respect!

Today...we were good to go!!!

Howie let me sleep in til after 9...which was HEAVEN!!!!!! I didn't hear the kids ONCE!! Not one single thing!! SO awesome!!!!! I'd gotten up with DJ at 4:15 (the time he normally gets up to crawl in on Howie's side of the bed) and directed him back to his own bed since Howie was still sleeping there...with a side trip to the bathroom. So from the time I crawled back in bed from that to the time I woke up shortly after 9....I know nothing!! GREAT block of sleep!!!! Thanks honey!!!!

Thankfully Wyndi wasn't coming til after lunch, which meant I had time to colour my hair and vacuum! Oh, and do the ten second tidy! Not that she'd care the state of my house...or judge me by it! Whew!

She also brought with her a laundry basket full of 2T clothes for SamSam!! They'd been handed down to Izzy, who's in 3T, so when asked if I wanted the 2T stuff, I jumped all over that!

And the girl is SET for clothes!!! She'll need some summer stuff when the time comes, but other than that...she's set!! Her closet is going to look FULL once it's all washed and hung! I can't thank Wyndi enough for thinking of us for the clothes! Oh some of it just so CUTE too!! You'll see...

Half way thru the afternoon, DJ was asked to take a walk with the off he went to expend some of that energy...I have to say, it made a difference in the level of play when he got back...more subdued! Thanks neighbours!!

Dinner was and salad....DJ's fave meal! We usually have pizza when Howie's not around since it's the frozen variety...DJ doesn't care! lol it's pizza! For dessert we had cinnamon, I didn't make them...hahaha

They left around 8 and then it was time to put the kids to bed...thankfully they went easily for me since it was just me tonite! Howie got home close to 10, I think....and played with his new nail polish.

Yeah, you read that right!! He had me order nail polish from Avon to fix up some of his fishing lures! Smart man!! He whined about it taking so long to dry (30 seconds?!?!!) and the smell (hahaha) and it turns out he was putting GOBS of it on expecting it to dry in 30 I showed him how to properly apply nail polish....I even offered to show him on his own nails...but he said "no!"....I would have taken a pic of it if that had happened!!! As it is, he'll probably smack me for blogging about this in the first place!

So, all in all, it was a GOOD day!! And now, I'm about to relax and watch Oceans 13...I don't think I've seen it...and who can resist a movie with Brad Pitt AND George Clooney!?!?!?!! Not I!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. LOL.....Howie and the nail polish made me laugh so hard!!


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