Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate when I think of a

REALLY good title for the day's post and then promptly forget it! I've been sitting here for a while now trying to remember what it was...oh well!

Today was a beautiful day!!!! All around!!! Gorgeous sunshine!!! Which made DJ want to be out in it...a taste of what summer will be like?? He was out there playing by 10 am! Thankfully it didn't take much for him to come in and eat lunch...he must have been HUNGRY!!! He ate, and went right back outside!

Samantha did not mind him being out there all day either!!! She was laying on the floor...on the couch...playing with anything, which today was the vacuum attachments!

Wouldn't you know it...I JUST remembered the title I wanted to use....gosh darn it! lol

I think Samantha is addicted to diaper cream!! You laugh...but I'm being serious!! VERY serious!!! She is getting more and more aware of her body (she found her nipples the other day....) and is also letting us know when she's needing a diaper change (she might be getting a potty for her birthday...lucky girl! LOL) and will even get the diaper out of the drawer, get the wipes from the top of the end table that the diapers are in...and she'll get the cream "Onit" she calls it...

And she KNOWS if you don't actually put it on her!!!!

Now, she has no diaper issues to speak of...but wants the cream put on!!! I can't wait for this tube (and the jar in the bathroom) to be done so we don't have this insistence!

Tonite, Howie got her ready for bed, and "forgot" to put the cream on....she FREAKED!!! Crying like you'd just taken her baby away!! Pointing at her bum saying "onit, onit" It was funny....but not really!

So, what is it about diaper cream that she's so obsessed about it?? I don't get it? Probably never will!

I did get some FABULOUS news today!! My Mom AND Dad are coming in March for a week's visit!!! YAY ME!!! They'll be here the day before Sam turns 2 and then head home on the 25th! I'm SO excited!!! I've already started the mental "Honey Do" list for Howie....he's already commented how excited he is to complete said list too....dripping with sarcasm!

Tonite's bedtime went rather smoothly....DJ was sawing logs before I put Samantha down in her crib!!! He was outside til about 3...and then Kristopher came in with him and the two of them played til Howie got home....he was worn out!! I love it!!!

Now, I'm off to knit! And watch the Bachelor! Oh, for those who haven't seen it yet....I highly recommend the Human Target as a new show to watch...we watched the pilot today from DVR and it as GREAT!!!! It was humourous and action packed!!!! I enjoyed it!

Til next time...ciao!

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