Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

And never brought to mind...

Do you know the rest!?!? Yeah, I don't either...but I looked it up since I don't even know what Auld Lang Syne even means!! I can hum it more than sing it....never really paid too much attention to the words past the first sentence anyways as I've always been too busy kissing!!! hee hee

Now, I know, and if you clicked above, you know too!

So, yesterday was a LONG day for me!! We woke up late (8:40) and were supposed to be in Everett at the Imagine Children's Museum meeting my friend Andie and her little girl Malorie. Well....we were late! 45 mins late to be exact!!! I need to find a good on-the-go breakfast for the kids to eat in the truck so we can cut a half hour out of rushing around!!! But the kids had a BLAST yesterday!! More so this time than the last (and first) time we went in July. I, on the other hand did not have that much fun! Its hard work keeping up with two running people....who are running in OPPOSITE directions!!! And have very different likes in what they like to play with! I (or rather, we) lost SamSam once...a staff worker was holding her 2 ft away from us...and DJ took off on me quite a few times...but his red hat was noticeable...and a couple times I let him think he'd lost me and could see that sense of panic set in. We had MANY opportunities to discuss what happens IF he gets lost from me....I have yet to make him try it! Been thinking about it tho! He knows to find someone with a name tag on and tell them he lost his mommy...and he knows his name....and not to leave the building/store to find me.

This morning was supposed to be a quiet lazy one...oh, who am I kidding? I had a list a mile long as we're having my g/f come for NYE and spend the nite. Thankfully I'd already washed and made Jake's bed...but still have laundry to do...and stuff to make for dinner and snacks...movies to pick to to bathe...

So the shopping came first as it was able to coincide with meeting up with a friend for an Avon delivery....well! I learned a new place for some serious retail therapy that isn't an hour away!!!! There's a brand new Fred Meyer, a Home Depot, Kohls, and a bunch of other small places that I didn't even know were there!!! YES! I can shop and NOT have to go to the mall! Kohls is a great place too!

We met up in the toys section as it is her daughter's 2nd birthday today....and then hit up the Christmas clearance (I got a welcome mat for 1.74!!!) and then the cart got tipped over WITH Samantha strapped in poor girl!!! She got a double whammy too! Hit the storage unit on a shelf and then the floor...banged up her forehead and above her right eye. Since we were already in a grocery store I grabbed a new bottle of vanilla extract (I was almost out at home anyway) and put some on her banged up head. Time is of the essence with something like this! An hour later, she had two tiny red marks...that's it! I LOVE what vanilla does!!!!

Once SamSam was sleeping we called over and invited Kristopher to play with DJ...he'd been begging to have him come over for a few days now...and today was the day! Their playing allowed me to do some cleaning in the well was make another batch of caramel corn (YUM) and some oatmeal cookies and get the sauce ready for sketti nite. Then they switched homes....and instead played over at his house which then afforded me time to shower before Howie got home with Shirah. Whew! Can't ring in the new year stinky!!!!

Neither could the after dinner they got bathed too! And both went to sleep very quickly! LOVE those nites!!

Once they were in bed we played Blokus, which Howie beat our butts at soundly!!! And then we played UW's version of Monopoly...U Dubopoly...and we finally had to concede the Howie was the winner...he was showing NO mercy and wouldn't take the win til he had all our money...LOL so we just put our money back in the bank and declared the game over!

I'd rented two movies, so we watched The Ugly Truth...funny movie!! L O L kind of movie! I'm a big fan of Katherine Heigl....notsomuch a fan of Gerard Butler...his mouth moves funny! But the movie itself was good! Howie got a few chuckles out of it too!

Just before midnite we switched over to local news for the countdown...we had sparkling apple cider and toasted in the New Year! Howie then went to bed (he's gotta work tomorrow) and Shirah and I finished watching the movie. Started the second one, Obsessed, but didn't get too far into it and she hit the proverbial wall. She'd been up just as early as Howie was and not sure if she got a nap or now, I'm blogging, everyone is sleeping, and it's 2010!!

Til next time...Happy New Year!


  1. LOL, we were on the same wavelength with the Children's Museum (though I went to the Burlington one, yesterday) and I can totally relate. VERY HARD when solo, esp. at Imagine, to keep track of two opposite running little people. I lost Bryce last time too for a short while last time (turns out he'd let himself into the fire truck climbing area). To the credit of Imagine, they have quite a system though - they had me stay by the exit and used walkie talkies to communicate with each other until they tracked him down. Scary, though.

  2. BTW, I am glad I'm not the only Mom out there whose children get misplaced at the Children's Museum and get banged up on shopping expeditions, lol. I'll have to try that vanilla trick sometime. Heaven knows, Bryce finds some way to bang his noggin just about every day (my little daredevil).


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