Friday, December 25, 2009

If today is any indication

We are TRULY blessed!!!!! In every way possible!!!

This morning DJ woke up just before 8 and crawled into bed with us....didn't even realize it was Christmas til I asked if he'd seen if santa came...then he took off like a bat out of a cave!! We heard the bell jingling from the bedroom...he was SO pleased he got a bell from santa's sleigh just like he asked! Didn't even notice (or probably care about) the Lightning McQueen slippers santa left either! Was all about the bell!!!

Growing up we were allowed to have our stockings first thing...but all the presents had to wait til after breakfast....yeah, that's not how we did it today!! Knowing we had a time limit for Jake's presence, we did the presents first, then the stockings, THEN we had breakfast! I had wanted to do a full on breakfast, but Howie and Jake left at I fed the kids breakfast (and probably should have had something myself...) and we did a brunch type thing for lunch instead.

With last nite's festivities being all about's festivities were more practical! Clothes, books, room decorations...and the like! For Jake it was gift cards...and boxes of cereal so he'd actually have something to open! lol Yeah, I roll like that!
Man the kids looked great in their new duds!!!!!!!!! I love new clothes on them! And my new fave colour on SamSam is aqua! Oh, it brings out her eyes amazingly!! DJ got a new Lightning McQueen t-shirt and pj's and 8x10 oil painting (not real, but print) for his wall, a clock and a watch all in LMcQ! He was decked out from head to toe in LMcQ!!! And loving it!!

He was tired was he nasty! Attitude adjustments all day long! Children should know that Christmas day is all about listening to Mummy and Daddy and NOT getting into trouble...he must have missed that memo! It was cute tho...I'd go in to his room to talk to him about his attitude and he'd say "Mummy, I've changed my mind!" thinking he was saying attitude....made me smile even tho he'd just ticked me off 5 mins beforehand!

Dinner was AMAZING!!!!!!! I got this bone in shank ham last week at 99 cents a pound....and cooked it up to perfection!!!! WOW!!! Then I did roasted yams in a balsamic/sugar mix...and broccoli. We were supposed to have friends over for dinner, and they showed, but an hour late, so we ate and they ate when they arrived. I will attempt split pea soup tomorrow for Howie....he likes that kind of stuff...blech! Altho, I might try it...we'll see...either way, my mom would be proud!

Now, with everyone in bed, I'm off to watch a movie I WANT to! LOL Probably a sappy Christmas one too!! I hope everyone else had a wonderful day!!

Til next time...ciao!

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