Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I finally made it

To an Avon meeting!!! Who cares if it was the last one of the year!?!?! LOL It was also a potluck dinner and in Lynnwood...so I left about a hour after Howie got home. Good thing too, I was still a few mins late, but not late enough that anyone noticed. Dinner was a good mix of food too...yummy food!! The meeting itself got started LATE (at least by my standards...) and moved a little slower than I thought it would. But that's okay, once I take over (insert evil laugh) it'll run much better! Oh I crack myself up sometimes!!

I got some lovely parting gifts too! There was a bag sitting at my place that had stuff in it, there was a picture frame ornament sitting at my place, I also participated in the gift exchange and got a lovely gift set of White Jasmine bath stuff (our gift could NOT be Avon!! Which proved to be tough!) and the I got a bag full of goodies from the district manager, and I won the poinsettia, which I forgot there as my hands were full when I left.

I left before it was over tho as I had the furthest to travel....and my butt was killing me from the plush (NOT) chairs we were sitting on! And the angle I was sitting on said chair, was not proper, so it hurt my hip to sit like that.

Today was a good day!

DJ got me up just before 8, and Sam woke up about 8:20 so we were up and eating by 8:45 as DJ's starving when he gets up! (his words)

With no plans I got busy with the laundry....still not done what I started out doing the other day, AND there's 2 more loads added since!! I think a nudist colony sounds great! Altho, it's a bit chilly out these days...hmmm...better re-think that!

I also finished off making the lasagna I set out making yesterday. Haven't baked them yet as I didn't want to torture Howie with the smell for something he can't eat yet! I'm mean like that!! As it was, I ended up doing that anyways, I made chili for the pot luck and it simmered all afternoon!!

DJ had a blast this afternoon!!! After lunch, his "neighvors" came calling....but he'd already seen them out the window and was getting his boots on when they came knocking! The child does NOT care how cold it is out there...he just wants to play! They ended up taking a walk, which I couldn't join as SamSam was still snoozing! After that, he played in their basement til he came home 2 mins before I left!

Howie said he fell asleep reading tonite. He had both kids with him on DJ's bed reading...then brought Samantha out to sit for a bit...then asked her she wanted to go to the rocking chair, and she said "yah" so off they went. They rocked for a bit and Howie asked if she was ready for bed and she nodded and he put her to bed....that was it! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I originally wanted to be home in time to nurse her, but that was not gonna happen! So, I'm glad she did so well for him!

Now, I'm gonna go watch Biggest Loser (Howie dvr'd it for me) and knit and relax!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. They are not called nudist colonies anymore,the prefered term in nudist resort, but home nudism is gaining in popularity, and the kids love it. If you need any information about nudist activities let me know.

    Nudist children are the best children!


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