Sunday, December 13, 2009

Some days I wish

I drank coffee!! Today was one of those days! Howie left the bed around 1:30 and DJ joined it around 5:40 with Howie...and it was a crap shoot from that point on!! And DJ fussed around enough that we were out of bed by 8...and Sam was squealing by 8:05 thanks to DJ! And Howie...he slept til after 10...nice eh? Not once this weekend did I get to sleep in! ugh!'s some pix of our day...the garland is finally done up with lights, and the stocking have been hung by the fireplace that I've never seen lit....

This our gingerbread house 2009!!! DJ and I did it this afternoon! Note to self: make house the day before WITHOUT help of said son! Will be MUCH easier and less stressful

The close up of the front of the house...DJ thought we should have a red door handle...and took off the orange one I had there...

DJ and his handiwork!! He did pretty good not eating all the candy before using it!

The back of the house!! I added even more to it after I took the pic...sorry! Its cute tho!

Our gingerbread cookies....they were promptly eaten after fact, they encouraged the eating of dinner...the died a noble death!

This is what I did Friday nite waiting for Howie and Jake to come home. Aren't they pretty???

And some Christmasy ones for the Princess!!!

The purple bow is one I bought when I was pregnant with Samantha...and the one on the right is one I made out of Merry Christmas ribbon...not too shabby!
DJ and Sam going down the hall to his room to read before was so cute to watch them hold hands and walk!

And this is from Friday's Mommy and Me group...he was having a BLAST wearing and banging on this drum!!! I, on the other hand, was not! Maybe that's how I lost Samantha, my hearing was decimated even further! lol
Now, I'm off to watch White Christmas...I don't think I've ever seen it....

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. your fireplace looks lovely. And spiffy job on the gingerbread house too.


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