Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm actually at loss

For a title tonite!! Then I realized...THAT was the title!!!!!! lol Sorry, its not funny is it? Cute maybe? No? Ok ok ok...I'll do better tomorrow!!

Sounds like something DJ would say! HA! That child has mastered the art of saying "I'm sorry Mummy!! I won't do it again! I love you" all in the same breath! And then two seconds later goes back to doing what it was he got in trouble for in the first place!!!!!!! Somebody tell me that 4 is fantastic and they snap out of this torrid 3 crap!! The two's weren't that terrible in comparison to the 3's!! And I did a bit of reading this afternoon...he's definitely NOT showing any sign of ADHD!! He's just a normal 3 year old BOY!

Who was BEGGING to go outside today! The sun was shining from the moment we got up...after a miserable nite for me! DJ woke me up at 3 (he's back to his night waking habit) to crawl into bed with me but I insisted he go pee and go back to his own bed...and he did. Then I woke up as Howie was getting ready for bed (you really need to switch the switch honey!) and before I knew DJ was back in bed with me and wanting to fall asleep holding my hand...and then started crying because Daddy was at work and not in the living room...and then was time to get up!

Anyway, back to the sun soon as lunch was over he went and got some socks, put his boots on the wrong feet, put his had on, and put his mittens on and announced he was ready to go play. Thankfully their mom was online so we chatted about the outdoor time and her kids chores...which put DJ on window watch....he didn't much like that! lol So once I got Sam down for her nap, we got dressed properly...WITH a coat on....and I went and got the mail, and deposited Christmas cards in the box for pick up. At which point, one of the boys was coming out the door to play with him....he was SOOOOOOO happy!

I came back inside...and laid down for exactly 20 minutes...I hate that I can't nap a REAL nap anymore! But it did me good! Gave me the energy to colour my hair! About the time I was done my shower, Samantha had woken and DJ had just come in! Good timing!

Howie wasn't coming home for dinner tonite as he was going to Jake's football awards that left me and the kids on our own....and I read someone's status on FB that mentioned pancakes for dinner....and it just tickled my fancy! And that's what we had!!! YUM!!!! I just love breakfast for dinner!!!! I even made my first ever, chocolate chip pancake...wasn't that impressed really...I guess I prefer fruit instead.

When Howie did finally get home after nine, I learned that Jake "lettered" in football!!! Oh this is HUGE!!! And SOOOOOOO awesome!!!! I'm so proud of him!!! His GPA right now is 3.1 so far which is phenomenal considering how much time he's put into football! Again...SO proud of him!!!

And now...I'm going to go to bed early....I'm not just sayin that either....I really mean it!!!! hahahaha you know me so well....

Til next time...ciao!

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