Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kids say the

Darnedest things!!! I walked in the bathroom as DJ was sitting on the toilet (heard more noise than necessary...) and he looks up at me says "Hi Mum, I'm just going poop and Sam's babysitting me." Like that was the most normal thing in the world! I had to turn around and walk away laughing!!! She was sitting on the stool I use for bathing them....quite humourous!

Samantha is back in full swing! She slept great...woke up happy and hive free...what more could I ask for?!?!?! With that, I didn't give her any meds today! They didn't work yesterday (making her drowsy that is) and she spit the majority of it out...so I didn't want the battle!

My goal today was to complete the laundry...HA! I did 4 (yes, FOUR) loads yesterday and still had another 5 (yes, FIVE) to do today! I got 3 done...all that's left are the two pillows the cat peed on (They're both up for adoption now! Any takers!?!?) and the blanket she peed on...lovely! But all the clothes are done! Whew! And other than the load in the dryer...all put away too!

This afternoon DJ got to play outside with his "neighvors" and then go for a walk with them to the swing park....cuz that's all it has...swings...and a basketball court....no slides....no creative....just swings! Odd!

So, while he was gone, I took a cat nap...instead of a shower...I needed that shut eye...unfortunately, I had some wacky dreams!! And kept waking up! Oh, well!

Dinner was just me and the kids...Howie got stuck at work waiting for a delivery...so I chose to do breakfast for dinner. Pancakes with blueberry syrup...maple syrup sausages...and eggs.
The pancakes were a complete FLOP!! Thanks a lot Bisquick! They were horrid!! Even the kids wouldn't touch them! So instead, we ate yogurt! And peanut butter cookies! I'm cool like that! lol

Then we did bath and bed time....which thankfully, both of them went to sleep fairly fast! love that!! I got Howie his dinner and finally grabbed my shower! Smell MUCH better now!! Thanks for asking! lol

Last nite, I did watch A Dog Named Christmas and bawled my eyes out!!! Not even a half hour in and I'm sitting there sobbing!!!! It was based on a book written by Greg Kincaid and what a fabulous story!!! I only used 2 hankies, but could have used 3...was in denial for the first bit and used my sleeve to mop up the tears! Great movie!!!

Tonite, not sure what I'm gonna watch...*shrugs* I might have one or two more Christmas movies left....I am off to relax tho...I've earned it with all that laundry action! LOL

Til next time...ciao!

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