Monday, December 28, 2009

It would seem that

Miss Samantha is well on her way to recovery!!! She woke up hive-free and happy! Not one single red blotch on her body anywhere!!!!! And her diaper was full!! So full we had to put her in clothes instead of back in her pj's til after breakfast!

I had debated mentally about whether to give her meds today or not...and asked the help of my Mommy friends in Facebook...what a great response I got back! It really does take a village to raise a child! And in the end, she got full doses of both meds today...altho, not FULL doses as she spits A LOT of it out...rascal! And it didn't make her drowsy at all...she only took an hour long nap! Her squeal was also restored to full volume....lovely!

DJ also seems to be about 90% better...still has the odd cough happen, but he'd doing the Guaifenesin still at nite. He also got to play outside this morning for an hour and a half...which made bed time that much smoother! One of his Christmas gifts was a Radio/CD player that IS Lightning McQueen....he's already figured out how to make it work and likes music to fall asleep cute is that?!?! Gosh, I remember blaring my walkman (does that make me sound old or what??) to fall asleep...Def Leppard!!! Pour Some Sugar On Me!!!! hahaha not the best to fall asleep to, but great music!!

I feel very domesticated....I made Split Pea Soup...AND ate it!!!! It smelled so good cookin up on the stove, that I had to have a bowl for dinner with Howie...didn't dare make the kids try to eat it...they got chicken Sometimes its just not worth the battle! I now have a better understanding why the saying is "The fog was thicker than pea soup..."

Anyways, the soup was tasty!! Not quite the texture I like...too thick for my liking...but apparently that's how its supposed to be! And Howie wants it for his lunch I guess I got it right!! Yay me!!

Oh, last nite's movie, The Proposal, GREAT movie!!!!! The much talked about nude scene that Sandra Bullock does it with style and grace!!!! And the whole move was done in taste! Ryan Reynolds could eat crackers in my bed any day! (does THAT saying make me even older!?!?) Seriously tho, the movie was fun and very light hearted! I caught myself laughing out loud a few it if you haven't!

Tonite, I'm about to sit down and watch another Lifetime movie...gotta clear up the DVR for the regular season starting next week! Lost doesn't come back til Feb, and Glee til I still have time! lol

Til next time...ciao!

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