Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I don't think I've ever

Laughed so hard at a movie...E V E R !!!!!!!!!! If you haven't seen the movie The Hangover...oh my goodness....do go see it!!! Honestly...I was laughing til I was crying!!! And that made the boys laugh even more...they'd seen it in theaters...but this was my first time....oh it was just hilarious!!!!! I could hardly knit for laughing so much!!!!!

The laughter was just what I needed after the running around I did today too!!! Whew! When I got up this morning I had no clue how busy today would end up! But UPS delivered the last of my Avon at noon and that made TODAY my delivery day!!!! Jake was coming with me, so he quickly showered and ate while I gathered my stuff together and off we went about 12:30.

First stop was to pick up his girlfriend, Morgin, and then to the mall we were headed!!

Now, going to the mall a mere 3 days before Christmas sounds like the perfect recipe for insanity...but apparently I picked THE perfect time to go there!! Found a parking spot on the ground level of the garage....and got the gift cards for Jake (4 of them) and was out in under a half hour!!! How perfect was that!??!!?

I then went to Fred Meyer to see if I could find another "DJ" car from the movie Cars...he got one from his uncle last Saturday, but the tail fin broke off...so when he wrote his letter to santa (Truthful Tuesday: Do YOU believe too? While I don't believe in santa myself...I do want my children to have that excitement til they're about 10 or so...it's a magical thing to watch/listen to DJ talk about it! And while he has no concept of asking for big things [This year he wants a bell and a new DJ car!] its quite darling to hear him go on and on! Truthful Tuesday is part of Elizabeth's blog carnival...so if you want to join in...please do! Link up or simply answer in my comments!) asking for a new one...and a bell...just like in Polar Express....I knew I had to make it happen!!! Since then, I've gone to 4 places looking for a DJ car and NONE!!!! There are NONE to be found!!! Its not one of the more popular ones to keep in stock...so its rare to find! So, I got him a Lightning McQueen one (there's like 5 to choose from!) and I got a Ramone one for Sam...and they'll go in the stockings. I might even take the DJ one back and get it switched out for something else.

Then I hit up costco for a 5 minute run in and out! Then delivered the Avon that I was waiting for! Picked Jake and Morgin up...dropped Morgin off...then avoided I-5 as there was horrid accident backing up the northbound lanes...which I needed...so I took Hwy 9 (I'm getting more savvy learning the roads around here!) and headed up to Lake Stevens for my last Avon delivery! Whew!!!

Then we hit up this tackle shop for Howie on the way home...and the ATM for me to deposit the cheques...and then finally home!!

Where I got mauled before I could even get in the door!!! Apparently I was missed!!! Samantha wouldn't let me put her down to get dinner in the oven!

Since we had a late dinner, there was no bathing happening! Thankfully the kids went down smoothly and we were able to watch our movie (Really.....RENT IT!!!!!! you will NOT regret it!!!) in peace and uninterrupted...well, except the one time we had to stop it so I could go pee...I was laughing THAT hard!!!

The peace ended tho when as Howie was going to bed....Samantha woke up screaming! I went in to calm her and that was the start of an hour long ordeal to get her back in bed! She wanted to go potty...I even left her diaper on!....then she wanted something to drink...and guzzled a whole sippy in 5 mins!...then she wanted daddy...no, she wanted mummy....then she wanted her diaper changed...then she wanted to rock....and then Mummy had had enough and let her cry for 10 minutes!! Went back in and she tried the whole routine again! HA! I was on to her!!! She finally laid down and got tucked back in and have not hear a peep since! Crazy kid! Smart too!! To be able to play me like that! I'm the wise one...DJ's taught us well...but her and her feminine ways got me! LOL

All is calm...all is bright...no, not really...its nice and dim in here now!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. I love how you referenced the bell from "The Polar Express"... I wish that bell really existed. It would be interesting to find out whether or not I could still hear it!



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