Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a

White Christmas!! I finally got to watch that movie...and while I know it's a classic, it just wasn't my kinda movie...don't hate me! The message was cute, and the scenery okay, but the dancing was borderline boring! Yes, I know it was made waybackwhen! Maybe its because I'm Canadian...*shrugs* I'll blame it on that!

I did, however, enjoy watching Holiday Inn, which was on right after White Christmas. I didn't get to watch all of it tho as I didn't want to stay up til 1 am watching a movie...thank goodness for DVR! I'll probably finish off the rest of it tonite.

And while I'm certainly dreaming of a white Christmas...I'm very thankful the snow we got yesterday didn't stick around!! DJ on the other hand was very disappointed it melted! He was SO cute yesterday when he was watching it snow out the window (all 5 of us were on the couch looking out at one point!) and said "Its snowing! Now santa can come!!!" with this little sparkle in his eye! How darling is that!??!!?

This morning I let him watch Polar was on last nite and I dvr'd it for him....the child was enraptured!! Trains, AND santa!!! Whooo! In fact, it was such a lazy morning around here that it wasn't til just before lunch that I finally dressed them! They weren't complaining...and I started thinking, "Gee, if they stay in their pj's all day, that's LESS clothes for me to wash!"
Little did I know DJ would go and pee in the ones I put on him!! brat! He was outside playing with his "neighvor" and got busy...he said! So he came in to get changed and went back out! Part of that was my fault for not making him go before he went out in the first place! but don't tell him that! lol

While he was off visiting, and Samantha was snoozing, I baked Jake his birthday cake for tomorrow...that I can ice it with no melting tomorrow afternoon. Smart thinkin eh? I thought so!

Oh, in my blog travels I came across this fantastic blog that's quite hilarious (to me anyway) and she's got this contest happening starting in January...I wonder if you could help me out a bit, and take two mins to email her and tell her WHY I deserve to be crowned Queen for a week!!!! Cuz, you KNOW I deserve it!!!!!!! hahahaha Anywho, her email addy is: I told her to be on the look out for emails from my peeps! (that's YOU!) but don't feel obligated or anything. There's really no "prize" to it, but that I have a small chance to win a starbux card...and who wouldn't like THAT!??!! I don't even drink coffee, but I want it! Their hot chocolate is amazing!!!!

Now, everyone's in bed (love this theme) and it's a bit late, but that's because Howie had never seen Polar Express (or santa train according to DJ) before and enjoyed snuggling on the couch with DJ to watch it before bed. It really is a good movie! One I think we need to own...without commercials!! What a concept! lol

While everyone's sleeping I'm going to go sit and knit and watch some mindless comedy! Mondays are good for that! And then finish up watching Holiday Inn.

Til next time...ciao!

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