Friday, December 11, 2009

These kids are going to be

The death of me!!!!! I swear!!! They're 10000000% responsible for the greys on my head! Heavens to Betsy, if I make it out alive, I'll be glad! I may not talk coherently, or hold an adult conversation, but I'll be happy to be alive!

Yes, I know I'm being dramatic! But I "lost" Samantha today...or rather, she took off without warning and without anyone else seeing her leave!!!

We did in fact make it to the pot luck (lunch party according to DJ) and were the second to arrive...and we were a few minutes late. There was another gal there with what I assumed, was her daughter. Turns out, she's the babysitter and likes to be involved! So, she went and got someone to open up the meeting room and we went in and waited. The kids REALLY enjoyed this, running free with no one else to stop them! I didn't mind one bit...let them expend that energy BEFORE others show up! Good plan!!

At first people came in one by one, and before I knew it there were around 10 moms (and one dad) which is pretty good! The food was rather unnutritional...and I should have made up some PB&J like I wanted was mostly snacky stuff...little bit of unorganization (that's okay, once I take over, it'll be better run!! hahaha) I did try to email and ask what to bring, and there weren't any of my muffins left!! I did half of them with icing and sprinkles, and the other half I left plain...some moms don't want all that sugar!

One mom pulled out her knitting after you know where I sat!!!!!! And she was doing the most phenomenal knitting!! Reversible!! I've seen finished products, but never seen anyone knitting it at that time! Its really involved, but man its way cool!!!!! My mind is spinning with all the possibilities!!! So she and I chatted quite a bit...and she took an Avon book (you know I have them with me!! And actually, the babysitter gal took one too!) and I tried to set her Bluetooth up, but was unsuccessful! I did, however, learn that she HATES her new phone and not to get one!! LOL I'm quite happy with my Blackberry...or crackberry as Howie calls it!

So, HOW did Miss Samantha go missing??

A little after 1 I decided we needed to head home as it was nearing Sam's nap I grab our coats...put mine on, put hers on and beg for DJ to come get his on. Now, there's at least 10 other moms in the room...and 4 doors exiting out of the room...2 to outside, 2 to the inside of the I'm putting DJ's hat, mitts, and coat on...which took me all of a minute, maybe a minute and a half!...and I look up and there's no pink furry coat....WHAT!?!?!? I go running out of the room and head towards the library, all the while looking everywhere and there she is to my left....OUTSIDE!!!!!!!! A mere 8 feet from the road......where there's cars going up and down!!! There was a lady standing there talking to her trying to get her to come inside, but she just stood there. Apparently, she really wanted to go home....and couldn't wait for us! I grab her and give her a what for, mentally, and take her back in to get DJ and head home. Whew!!! Got my heart going!!!!

They BOTH fell asleep on the way home....but Sam woke up as soon as we hit the driveway...she must have some internal alarm that goes off as soon as we pull in! DJ on the other hand, kept on sleeping! So, I let him be for an hour as I knew he needed it! He was up awful early this morning (before 7) and with all that playing around, he was whupped!

I tried valiantly to get SamSam to go back to sleep, but she was having NONE of that!! So she hasn't had more than a 20, maybe 25 minute nap!! Her squealing is at an all time high because of it too!! Aren't I lucky!?!?!!

As you know, Friday nites are just me and the wee monsters...and typically we'll do frozen pizza as Howie doesn't like most frozen varieties...and there are A LOT of varieties out there!!! Well, tonite I found THE frozen pizza!!!! The smell alone made me think I was in some Italian restaurant!!! Too bad Howie won't get to try it has pineapple on it and Howie doesn't like "fish or fruit on my pizza", which is another reason we do it on Friday nites, so I can have Hawaiian pizza!! lol
What's that?? You want to know what kind of pizza I had?!??

Why, it was Freschetta! Tastiest frozen pizza there is out there! (and no, I'm not being paid to say that...I wish tho!! lol)

Now, its time to bathe the monsters and then snuggle down and watch Rudolph...again! And then knit...I frogged a completely finished item last nite all because it wasn't done "right" for my tastes, so I need to get going on it as its kinda setting me back! Sometimes it sux to be such a perfectionist!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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  1. How scary!!!!! My little brother took off running through the Alderwood Mall when he was 2 and he took a corner and we couldn't see where he was a friend and I. I was shaking. I was in a panic. I was thinking about how I was going to tell my mom that I had lost my brother....

    I hate those moments!


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