Monday, December 7, 2009

Today, I channelled my inner

Italian!!!! I have this AWESOME recipe for lasagna that my SIL (my brother's wife) gave to my mom and I've made it for her twice finally now, I'm making it for Howie! It's a HUGE recipe so I halved it...and I'll still probably get two pans of lasagna out of it! YUM!! The sauce is one of those that has to sit overnite so the juices of everything can meld together...even tho, it tastes amazing first day...its even better second day!! YUM! YUM!

I did laundry today and would like to know HOW on earth over the span of 2 days we can come up with 4 loads of laundry!!!?!?!?! What the heck!?! Its insane!!!! I didn't get as much done today as I was hoping as the washer was leaking Handy Howie fixed it after work...guess I should get another load going before I hit the sack! Thankfully that's a couple hours away!

This afternoon while Sam was sleeping, DJ went out to play in the 21 degree sunny day! Brrrr was it cold!! I also visited with our neighbour for a bit...I just love chatting and getting to know someone new! Oh, and eating their baked goods! That cookie was YUMMY Lara!! Or should I be thanking Michaela?? hahaha We also finished decorating the tree...I'll be sure to take a pic of it with the real camera tomorrow!

Once Howie got home it turned into crazy time! I swear they save it for his arrival! Its cute tho! Unless you're trying to make dinner and they're running laps around the wall that separates the living room from the dining room and kitchen! Not so cute then!

Once everyone was in bed I got down to business cleaning my messy kitchen!!! I really do enjoy going to bed with an empty the Fly Lady....but it truly doesn't bug me if I don't get to the dishes and they're piled up. Either way, I'm a happy woman! LOL

OK, I'm frozen sitting here....I can not believe how cold it is! According to the weather bug thingy I have on the desktop it's a brisk 18 degrees out right now!! They're even calling for snow this weekend! Brrrrrrrrrrrr I am very thankful we have a WARM roof over our heads!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S....I realized I haven't put pix of the kids up's one of each kid at lunch time today! SamSam with her ragamuffin hair! Its SO fine that it barely stays pulled back...which half of it is in a pony...poor girl!
Mr DJ with his "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese" grin!

Here she is with her hair pulled back and already its wanting to fall forward out of the pony!


  1. Sam's hair looks cute, I think. I can't do a THING with Alex's hair, it's full of cowlicks. So at least you don't have that to contend with...

  2. Willing to pass along your lasagna recipe? Just for me, not the blog! :)

  3. Um...and me too?? Not just for Tiffany!!


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