Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have finally climbed

Mt Laundry today!!!!!! I got to the summit!!!!! The last load is in the wash and when the dryer's done, I'll switch it over! I was actually pretty good about putting it all away as soon as it was done too! In fact, today was pretty productive! I'm even making spice cake muffins for tomorrow's pot luck....I figured it was the safe bet as far as allergies go! I've printed out my directions, which seem very easy!!! I'm good to go! Just need to square away my Avon order tonite and then I won't have to worry about it in the morning...I'm sure it'll be a bit of a rush to get out of here what with Howie here in the morning too!

Today was a rather low-key day! And the kids actually played downstairs together....quite well actually! There were no screamingcrying episodes from either of least, not downstairs!! They saved that for me upstairs! HA!

While SamSam was snoozing, DJ and I snuggled under the snuggie watching Rudolph, the red NOSED reindeer (that's how DJ says it, with the emphasis on nosed...its very cute) for the 137,365th time! I can't wait for next week when Frosty is in our DVR and Polar Express! Now that's one I wanna see too!!! He's still far too young to stay up and watch them when they're on I'm quite grateful for the DVR....if we were still in the VHS age, you know I'd have a tape specifically for Christmas programs! lol

Anyways...DJ fell asleep watching Rudolph, so I hit pause and we both snoozed. How nice that was!!! WOW! He fell asleep with me on the couch, and when I woke up, he'd fallen to the floor and was sleeping soundly. So I got up and puttered til he woke 5 mins later. And Samantha was up by 4 so we were in full force when Howie came home! But they again, went downstairs and played! I'm just in love with this concept!

I've also got DJ wanting santa to bring him slippers for Christmas....which is bang on as I've got him slippers!! The sad thing is, I already wrapped them up as a real gift....I was going to give him a gum ball machine (the dollar store kind) from santa...but now I'm re-thinking the whole idea...he wants blue ones, but the ones I got him are black and have youknowwho on them! You know, that car he likes so much! uh huh! I rock!!!! lol Other than Jake, which requires a trip to that dang mall, I'm done shopping! Feels pretty good too!

Now, the first batch of spice cake muffins are done and need to come out of the I'm off to be Betty Crocker for a bit, then I'll sit and knit and relax! hmmmmm they smell GOOD!!!!!!! Are ya drooling yet??

Til next time...ciao!

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