Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

And never been kissed...yeah, right!! He's been kissed alright! He got his first one at age 12...or should I not be telling that in my blog? hahaha He doesn't read it!

The HE I'm referring to is my stepson Jake...today was his 16th birthday!! Altho, if you want to take it literally, today was his 17th, with the first being the day he was born...why is it that the actual BIRTH day is not considered a birthday!?!? hmm??? lol

Upon further review....let's just scratch that whole counting the BIRTH day as a birthday...that would me I was 38...NOT kool!

Today, in honour of Jake's special day, I bathed the kids...that and I knew we weren't going to be home in time for them to get one before bed...and I really like when they smell good and we're out in public. I'm strange...I'm allowed to be!

As soon as Howie got home we were pretty much out the door within 10 minutes! We were picking up Jake's girlfriend first, and then Jake, and then heading to the restaurant to meet up with the rest of Howie's family for dinner. Jake's favourite restaurant...Round Table! And Tuesday nites are all you can eat! Well, I ate my 8.00 worth in the salad bar alone!! YUM!!!!! DJ and Sam were free, and between them, they ate well! VERY well! And about 8.00 worth of watermelon!!! lol I'm expecting a FULL diaper from SamSam tomorrow morn!

The gifts were right up a 16 year old's alley...money and gift cards!! Easy to transport too!! Oh to be 16 in this day and age!!! I honestly don't remember WHAT I got for my birthday that year...might have been the kickass stereo system...or did I buy that myself...I can't remember now. See how unimportant these things are...but when you're in the midst of BEING 16, its SOOOOO important!!

After dinner we drove Morgin home. While in her neighbourhood, Jake directed us (ever so roundaboutly [not a word, I know, but it fits!]) to this house near hers that was decorated TO THE HILT!!!!!! Man alive I wouldn't want their hydro bill!!! Sheesh!!! I managed to get two shots but it just didn't cover the enormity of their display! Both DJ and Sam were in awe!

There were so many moving things it was incredible!! And in the front of the house was a digital countdown to Christmas! Thankfully (and yet sadly) there was no nativity scene...I can't stand it when people put up a nativity and then put a santa on a Harley next to it...just wrong! but that's just my opinion...and we all know what they say about opinions....they're just like a$$holes...everyone's got one! lol (that's a Howie saying right there!)

Also, on the way home, DJ made a move on Jake's girlfriend of almost 16 months....check this out!

Is he playing it or what?!?!!? hahahaha And Morgin was worried I'd put this up on Facebook...noooo the blog is MUCH better!!! LOL

Now, the house is quiet, and lunch has been made, the coffee's ready for the button to be pushed by a bleary eyed Howie when the time comes...and me? I'm signing off for now! Don't forget to vote for me by sending an email to MyConfessions@live.com so I can be Queen for a WEEK!!!

Til next time...ciao!

P.S...is it possible for an almost 21 month old to have growing pains? Sam keeps complaining about her legs hurting...saying "ow ow ow leg" but when I kiss it better, she says the same thing about the other leg...I don't know what to think...but she did wake up tonite about an hour after going to bed because of it. Thoughts?


  1. The 1st of the 2 pictures you posted has a phallic looking (christmas decoration?) in the top left corner! *dirty!*

  2. Extra Calcium b4 bed helps with growing pains, try yogurt. There's really not much calcium in milk, and besides milk is for baby cows.

  3. I was given dark chocolate small amounts just before bed- it has a ton of magniusm and potasium... has to have 65% cocoa content. It helps with muscle cramps and legs pains...It still makes a HUGE difference in my legs.

    Keep your eye on it though...leg pain can often be a sign of back issues...A lot more doctors are coming out saying that there really isn't any such thing as "growing pains"...


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