Sunday, December 20, 2009

I should have given advance notice...

But I declared today Pajama Day!!!!! And it was taken very seriously around here!! Well, by the kids anyways!

Remember when I said this was not the list of "Best Ways To Wake Up"??? And was most unpleasant...

I lied!

Boy, did I ever lie!!!!!

So far, the number 1 most unpleasant way to wake up is:

A kid puking in your bed!!!

My poor bed! My poor baby!! My poor BED!!! He did a fantastic job of making a mess too!!! I woke up to him very fevered around 7 or so but we snuggled back to sleep til almost 8:30....

By 8:47 the snuggling was O V E R!!!!

He gave no warning either....well at least I didn't heed the warning....he'd started whinycrying...and coughed twice and let out two rather large toots....and then it came spewing out his mouth! He was laying on his back on Howie's side (whew!) and on Howie's pillow (again, whew!) and mostly threw up on himself. I grabbed him and ran him to the bathroom....and unfortunately, dragged the sheets with me....they'd already been gotten, but I sure didn't need the tangle they gave trying to get him to the toilet! He got the last 1/3 of it in there!

Oh yeah, I managed to get some on me too!! BLECH!! Took a lot of coffee to get that smell out of my nostrils!!

Got him cleaned up, and put in new pj's and on the couch watching Polar Express, and I got the bed sheets in the wash pronto!!! Even the comforter had tell tale signs of his pukeyness!

DJ pretty much stayed there the whole day!!! He took two naps and watched Polar Express about 3 or 4 times...can't remember...but the sicko gets to pick whatever they want to watch....aren't we lucky?

While he was lethargic on the couch....I got busy in the kitchen!!! Only having to shoo Samantha out a few times!!! Boy, did I get BUSY too!!!

I made 3 half batches of caramel corn...a batch of fudge....another 3 dozen sugar cookies...and 3 dozen peanut butter cookies...not to mention breakfast, lunch and dinner!! The last of the cookies are coming out now and it's 20 to 10!!!

The fudge turned out "okay"....ironic considering my parents OWN a fudge business!! And I was their fudge maker for 7 years!!!! hahaha

The caramel corn turned out phenomenal!!! I apparently forgot to put butter in the first batch....amazing how butter makes it better!!!

The snickerdoodles turned out fabulous!!!!! I had to ban Howie!!!

And the peanut butter cookies are in phase one....I'll finish them off tomorrow!! I'm tired!!!

Howie's on vacation all this week and FINALLY got to go fishing in the nearby Skykomish River...and caught us some dinner!!!!! Oh he was SO excited!!!!! The look on his face isn't that telling, but he's been non-stop talking about it all day! He got to use his two new Christmas gifts....waders and a new rod! So, we had Steelhead Trout for dinner...something I've never had before!! This sucker was 14 lbs!!!! We ate half and froze the other half to smoke later when there's enough of a surplus to do so!

Because of DJ's sudden illness, we didn't make it to a wedding today! One of Howie's high school buddy's son got married this afternoon! Not only was DJ sick, but our babysitter, Shirah, was also sick!! Lovely time of year!!! I hope both of them bounce right back in action tomorrow!

We've got Jake for the next I'm sure I'll have lots of movie reviews!!! LOL For now, I'm gonna go clean up the kitchen some more and then sit and knit! I deserve it!! Oh wait, I have to re-make the bed! blah!

Til next time...ciao!

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