Thursday, December 17, 2009

Down one kid

ALL day is truly amazing!!!!! And Samantha didn't seem to mind one bit either! DJ got a knock on the door around 10 this morning asking if he could come out to play...he wasn't even dressed yet!!!! So we quickly got him dressed and headed out the door.

Since DJ got dressed, SamSam wanted to as see, they'd both been playing downstairs after a wonderfully late start to the day! And since it was cold downstairs, I didn't bother to change them out of their footed pj's...and honestly, we'd only been up an hour!!! Can you believe it!??! DJ slept in til 8:45 this morning! When Howie got up for the day I discovered DJ clinging to my right arm for life....he didn't want to fall off the bed! So I rolled him over to Howie's spot ("that was fun mum" at 4:30 am is every mother's dream to hear! LOL) and we both fell back to sleep. Only to wake at 8:45!! Oh we needed it!! Even Sam was still sleeping!

While DJ was off playing, Samantha had fun going downstairs to play, coming upstairs to play...and just flying solo for the day! We had lots of laughs and lots of Christmas music! Around lunch time, I tried calling DJ in to eat, but he wasn't hungry (yeah right!) and he didn't have to pee...but I made him come in and at least do that! (he was surprised I was right that he needed to!) and back out he went! The neighbours were putting up Christmas lights (finally!! hahaha just kidding Mike!) and he had his boys helping, along with DJ. It was SO cute to watch all four of them carrying the ladder to their house. I should have taken a pic...

I will say, its one thing to be in the house when your husband is putting lights up and NOT knowing how he's attaching said lights...its truly another to watch Lara's husband put lights up and not cringe! I had my phone ready at one point...he was sitting so precariously reaching over himself...I thought for sure he was going to fall off!!! I had to walk away from the window! Whew!

I had an Avon pick up today (thanks Kody!) while Sam was sleeping and she brought her two girls, who are fairly close in age to my two, and without DJ it was fairly quiet play. Watching Isobel with Sam was cute...even cuter was her thinking Sam was a baby!!! Just like Sam does to every baby we see!

They left and Howie came home shortly after that...and FINALLY DJ came home! I think it was going on 5 when he came in the front door! I sure hope he hasn't worn out his welcome!! He had so much fun tho! And was very tired at dinner! Yet, he struggled going to bed!!!! Over tired maybe? Who knows! but he came out about 3 times for something or other! And finally hummed himself to sleep!

Now, I'm off to knit (more!!) and watch another Christmas movie...last nite's movie, Mrs Miracle, was fabulous!!! I just love the author, Debbie Macomber...she's a WA native and writes the best wholesome books!!! I highly recommend her!! I've even met her! When DJ was about 9 mos old or so...I'll have to look for the picture.

Oh, I also finally started my Christmas baking! With it being on a Friday, I'm totally thrown off as to when to start so they're still fresh! And two of the recipes I'm making I still need stuff for! But we were quite impressed with today's effort! Holiday Toffee Bars from the Betty Crocker website...she and I are tight!!

Til next time...ciao!

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