Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm really grateful

That even at the tender age of 3 and a half, DJ knows where puke goes!!! Especially at 4:47 am!! He came in our room, woke me up and started crying...we went to the bathroom and he dry heaved a couple times. Said he was okay, and back to our bed he went. Howie had gotten up for the day to go fishing, so DJ took his warm spot. Within minutes we were back in the bathroom again....and again, nothing. Back to bed we went. Now, I'm desperate for sleep, but DJ is apparently not...and wants to talk! He's still a bit fevered, which is surprising to me as his fever broke last nite around 11:30 when he got up to "pee"...his shirt was soaked and his body was cool all over. I thought we were in the clear....

Then at 6:50 this morning, DJ once again said he needed his bathroom so he could sit on the off he went...I didn't get up immediately to be with him as I heard the garage door open...kinda scary when I heard Howie leave an hour I called up and ran to DJ's room...the truck was there! Whew! I called him again as I was walking into the kids bathroom....he answered! It was then that DJ says to me "Am I your hero Mum? I did it all by myself" and I realize he'd actually thrown up...IN the toilet!!! So, yes, he IS my hero!!!!

After upchucking the last of the 10 Ritz crackers he ate for dinner, he must have been feeling good as he wanted to watch Polar Express...and with Daddy home...I went back to bed! Unfortunately it was short lived as DJ was in bed with me again around 8! He was cold and wanted to snuggle...and apparently that was it too, once he got warmed up he bolted!

Next thing I was 10:23!!! Gadzooks!!! I can't remember a time since getting pregnant with DJ that I have slept til past 10 am!!!! Let alone past 9 am!! I got up slowly and savoured the quiet!! But at the same time wondering how DJ's doing...if he's eaten anything...had anything to drink....if Sam's eaten...and so on! The mother brain kicks in! And of course, all is under control! DJ had had a piece of toast and so far, so good! The only struggle we had was getting fluids in him...normally he's chugging on a sippy cup all day...but since the fever hit, its been a huge struggle to get anything in him!

He started getting really hungry around lunch...and begging for milk, which we least til tomorrow...and lunch was light...crackers, cheese, and applesauce. He kept it down and was actually starting to drink some fluids. He was also bouncing around the house like Tigger!! Begging to go outside and play with his "neighvors" or have them come over to play....but we said "not today!"...such a hard thing for him to hear!

The snacking started after lunch....he ate a snickerdoodle....then some cinnamon goldfish...and then some plain popcorn....pretty much non-stop come to think of it!

He was eating the popcorn while we were making a "necklace for the tree" (his words) of which he put on maybe 20 kernels of popcorn....then got bored with it...but I kept going and I did about a 12 ft strand of it. Here's a pic of some of it....we kept it on the kid portion of the tree...which is bare! lol

Jake had a doctor appt this aft, so Howie took him while Sam was snoozing....DJ and I did the popcorn garland and I took a shower...the all kinds of crazy happened....Sam woke up, DJ went in and robbed her bed of all stuffed animals...I got her out, Howie and Jake came home...I got dressed and left to run a couple kid free getting pizza for dinner and a movie for later...I get home and I see Samantha at the tree...eating it!!!!! Not the tree...but the popcorn off the garland! Here's the evidence!!!

We had a good laugh!!! She's only gonna be 1 she's enjoying it to the fullest!!!

Tonite once the kids were in bed...which was somewhat smooth...Sam put up a bit of a fight and so did DJ which is odd since he was visibly exhausted! Once they settled we didn't hear another peep from them! The movie tonite was The Taking Of Pelham 123 with Denzel Washington and John Travolta...what an intense movie!!!! It took me a bit to get into it, but once the characters were it was gripping!!! I highly recommend it!!!

Great movie to knit to too!!!! Which is where I'm going now...watching some stuff on DVR with Jake...altho, he's liking his MTV crap right now while I'm sitting here typing away! *rolls eyes*

Til next time...ciao!

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