Friday, December 4, 2009

It worked!!!!!

Blogging earlier meant an earlier bed time!!! SWEET!!!!!!! Tonite I didn't get a chance to blog early as it was just me and kids all day! Fridays Howie works late....blah! He gets to see the kids in the morning, but its not the same amount of time as he would get at nite...and they miss him terribly at bed time!

We have this really cute routine....Daddy puts DJ to bed while I'm nursing Sam....then when he comes out of the room, Sam half sits up and pssst's him...he pssst's back...they wave...send each other kisses...its REALLY cute!!! I'm invisible apparently when this is all going on...its just their thing! So at nite, she's calling out for him when he's not there... :(

This morning we hustled buns to get out the door for 10 so we could get our grocery shopping under way...first stop was the gas station for me! Which I barely made it to!! I think I had 9 miles to empty on the digital thing...which I know Howie doesn't trust!!! To make things even more interesting (and I actually worked up a sweat about it) I missed the exit to I had to go one exit past it to turn around, get back on the highway, and exit properly...even tho it was only a mile past my felt WAY longer!!!!! I made it tho!! Whew!

Then we went in...did our shopping and got out of there!! I find if you go early enough, there's no sampling to slow you down (they start at 11) and no one's there looking for lunch cuz its too early. Good to know! So we were in and out in 40 minutes! Not bad for a costco trip!

Next was Freddy's...which you KNOW DJ was excited for!!! And this time he didn't get away from me for one second!!! I did find all the light requests Howie wanted so now there's no excuse for him not getting them done....I can't wait to see our house lit up!!!! DJ can't wait either!!!!! He seems to think he's in charge of the tree lights....and as soon as its "getting dark out Mum" he turns them on! They are set on the plug that's operated by the really simple for him!!

Once Sam was down for her nap I got to work sorting out the Avon that was at the door....I just love being the first one to look at a catalog and see what's new in it! I know, I'm crazy! DJ didn't get to go outside today as the "neighvors" weren't home....he kept checking tho! Just in case....

Tonite was also bath nite for the now they smell super good!! And that's why I wasn't able to blog earlier...they ate my time! We did sit and watch Rudolph together....DJ wasn't too keen on the abominable snowman monster...but still sat and watched it. I must say...someone should do a remake of's just awful!!!! It was my first time watching it too...can ya tell? lol

Now, I'm gonna go sit and knit before heading to bed!!

Til next time...ciao!

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