Thursday, December 24, 2009

And the stockings were hung

By the chimney with care...and children all snug in their beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads!

You get the drift!!

And my kids don't have sugar plums dancing...they have their new toys taunting them in their dreams!!!

We did Christmas with Howie's family tonite so that Jake could be part of our the end, it feels SO good to have that stress off my shoulders, knowing half of the Christmas chaos is done! And when we get up tomorrow...we don't have to rush anywhere!!! Sounds perfect!!!!

All three kids got S P O I L E D!!!! My father in law outdid himself!!!! I can't even begin to list all the cool toys and things my kids got!! I will say that each one was thoroughly happy with everything they got!!!! Immensely!!! Samantha's fave gift so far is the LeapFrog My Pal Violet she got...a puppy dog that does alot of really neat things!! My favourite feature so far is the night time music it plays in 5 minute increments!!! Tonite, bed time was a breeze!!! She got 10 minutes on Violet and was out like a light before it was over! I'm definitely going to play around with it as you can program it and personalize it for the child!

DJ's fave gift so far is his new tool set!! And it's a complete tool set!!!! Uncle Greg helped it along by adding stickers to the tool box, and safety glasses!!! When he wears the belt with the tools in it, I love how it rides low on his hips and makes it look even more real!! And then he got the Handy Manny tool kit to boot!! Sam was enthralled with this too!! But then she got a baby stroller and it was all good!

They each got new PJ's which they wore home...I love new pj's!!!! They're so soft!!!!!! DJ got Racing Champ ones that are black and white checked...and Sam got nice mint green ones with a monkey on the front!

Jake wasn't left out either!! He got 3 t-shirts (2 from UO) 2 sweatshirts, new jeans and gift cards!!! Oh and a really cool ice scraper that has a lined mitt to it!! He's gonna need it for his car!! One of his gift cards is a gas card!! He'll definitely need that too!!!! Lots of realities are gonna hit when he realizes how expensive it is to drive anywhere! I chuckle at the thought!

There's more than enough toys in this house for 8 kids!!! Thankfully we have a toy room and some of it is for their rooms specifically....CD Lightning McQueen sheets for DJ's books! vacuum for SamSam (a dirt devil play one that I think actually vacuums...I'll have to read it...) and the list goes on! Truly spoiled kids!! Hope they won't all be too disappointed tomorrow morning....

Now that everyone's asleep, I'm gonna go sit and enjoy knitting! Whew! Last nite I said I was going to go to bed early...HA! Turns out my neighbour WAS online and I was able to borrow 3 cups of oatmeal from her and made the manure balls at 1 am! It was 2 when I finally crawled into bed! Tonite, will NOT be a repeat!

Til next time...Merry Christmas!


  1. Camden has that Leap Frog Dog - the boy one, he is green and he LOVES him. Yes the personalization is SUPER easy and Camden LOVES how the dog says his NAME and sings Camdens name too. Very cute toy!

    Nicole Powell

  2. Oh this just made me smile and tickled with delight. Christmas is about family for me...but it's especially wonderful with little kids...the magic is still so alive! Merry Christmas!!

  3. happy holidays! love wyndi steven and Izzy

  4. I got 7 month old Tyven the leap frog dog as well, I liked that you could program things into it, very cool and not too procey I might add!


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