Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tonite I'm hoping

To get a head start or a jump start on my bed time routine by blogging while everyone's still awake...versus them all sleeping and it being nice and quiet....ought to be interesting! The TV's on with some football game playing...the kids are playing in the living room oblivious to the fact that 90% of their toys are downstairs waiting to be played with! Correction: DJ has two Tylenol medicine droppers in his mouth looking like a walrus....that's my boy! Thankfully the stinky dog (YES she STILL stinks!) is outside lounging on the back deck away from the kids grasp!

This morning we got up, had breakfast and before I knew was 11 am and we were finally pulling out of the driveway! Shoot it took a LONG time today!!!! Our goal was to get some cheques deposited (I really miss having a drive thru BECU!!! Hey, BECU...come set up shop in Monroe will ya! please!?!?!!?) and find the lights Howie has asked for for the house decorating. This is the biggest house he's had to decorate in 8 he's all gung ho for it too!

First stop was the Dollar Tree....for extension cords....I know they have them so why pay 3.49 (or more!) for the same thing I can get for a dollar!?!?!?! Well...I got a wee bit side tracked at the dollar store...went in for 10 (yes TEN!) extension cords and ended up with 19 other items!! BUT the stockings are about 80% done!!!! SWEET!!

Then we went to Albertsons since we're in the same parking lot to see if they had go! Next we went to Safeway for the ATM deposit...and I didn't even bother looking for and out!

Then we went to Lowes...yeah...what a futile trip that was!!! I did manage to return 3 things that had been hanging around my truck for a couple months now....and then in search of lights we went! They had all kinds of them...but not red!!! Or they had the LED red ones....and I'm sorry....8.99 for 50 LED lights doesn't quite fit into my budget! Not when the list is for 200 reds...HA! So, while I was there...and had this cute little 10% off coupon that expired today...I went in search of a coupling for the ice maker on the fridge...Howie's bought 2 before, but both were wrong. So I, being a woman, asked for help! Yeah, lotta help he was! Aisle 35, half way down, on your left side, close to the floor...was not the kind of help I had in mind!!! So it didn't happen!! Instead, I found a shower head that was on sale for 20% off (with my 10% coupon...makes it a good deal!) and remembered to get an appliance light bulb for the microwave light underneath....something I'd been meaning to buy for a while now, but forgot every time I was out.

Once we sprung loose from Lowes, we headed home for a late lunch...DJ had other plans and wanted to play outside instead! But being the mean mom that I am...I forced him to come in and eat lunch and go pee...he did! And as soon as he was done he was out the door like a shot! Which allowed me to put Samantha to sleep in peace and quiet....didn't work out so well for me! I let her cry and cry but she was adamant! So I went in there to talk to her and told her it was nite nite time and she needed to lay down and go to sleep...and she did! I was in shock that it worked!!!

While she was napping I worked on the grocery list....and tidied up...and putzed around! It was SO nice!! DJ came in just about 3:45 and had a snack and wanted to go back out...but ended up IN the neighbours house playing in their basement...perfectly fine by me! Sam woke up and Daddy came was all good! About 5 ish I went over to retrieve our son and ended up chatting with them for 40 minutes!!! I'm sitting in the kitchen (in the exact same spot that I'm sitting in MY kitchen) and Lara is over by her tree, and she asks a child coming down the hall (who I can't see) "Why are you naked???" and the look of horror comes over my face as I just KNOW she's talking about MY kid!!! And sure enough, he pops around the corner with his pants and undies in a ball in his arms cuz he'd just gone pee! Yeah...that's my kid! lol At least he went pee in the toilet!!! Right?!?!

Now, dinner's been had and its time to start thinking pj's...YAY!!!!! Then I'm gonna relax and knit...maybe make some hair things for Sam...I got the cutest Christmas ribbon....we'll see! I know Howie's been begging for a haircut for a week...if he didn't go to bed so dang early...........

Til next time...ciao!


  1. be careful with the dollar store extension cords! I heard that they all aren't rated! and could cause fires!

  2. There's a BECU ATM in Monroe Fred Meyers. ... and if you see a US Bank ATM anywhere, you can deposit BECU deposits in their ATM's (ATM only, no desk service).


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