Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I cracked the code!

The mommy code that is!!! Really, I finally went to the right story time at the library!!! We had no one sick, and no one who was grounded today, so off we went with our "old" books in the bag to the library! We were finally not late!! Ok, by a mere 2 minutes were we late...but sill! Not bad! Anyways, during the play time portion, I eavesdropped (I'm not ashamed to admit it!) on this one mom telling a mom of a 10 month old girl that she runs a Mommy and Me group here in Monroe!!! Oh boy, did my ears perk up!!!!! I whipped out my blackberry and took notes! I even stayed later than normal just chatting with her and getting info. She (Linae) seems to be after my own heart in that she likes FREE things to do with her kids! Sweet!!!!

As soon as lunch was done, I joined up with and found the group with no trouble!! Their calendar is PACKED with all kinds of stuff! And there's 149 members! Mondays they do a craft thing at Ben Franklin...I can do that!! There's even a potluck lunch this Friday which we'll be going to...maybe! I have to get directions first as it's not in Monroe...its at another library. I'm very excited about this!! I even got info for MOPS in the area! I just wish it didn't start so early! 9:30 is early for us!! LOL

We also ran into a birthday girl today at the library! Our neighbour's daughter, Michaela is 12 today...Happy Birthday Michaela!!!

Remember that lasagna I was talking up the other day or two....we had the little one today for dinner!! OH MY CHEESY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! It was heavenly!!!! I guess you could say it's 4 cheese, cottage, mozz, cheddar and parm! YUM!!!!!!!! Howie's one lucky sonofabugger too in that HE gets the left overs! I also baked up the second one and put it in the freezer for Christmas Eve dinner! Nice to know I won't have to do much! We're hoping to have friends over, and it'll be perfect then! I think I may even roast some garlic and get some french bread! Doesn't that sound good?!?!!

I have to share...DJ got an "owie" on his hand yesterday from the rope swing next looks like a blister that's popped...anyways, I put a bandaid (fandaid in his language) on it this morning and the way he was holding his hand to protect it made me laugh! The owie is on the palm of his right hand, and he held it palm up like he was in perpetual "why" mode! I think we went thru 4 'fandaids" today too! TOO funny!!

On that same note, Samantha gets a owie and she goes ON and ON and ON and ON about it! She got scratch from a cat on her foot last week...every single day since, she comes to me saying "ow, ow, ow, ow" til I kiss it better....and this can happen every hour if she sees it! Socks are good, but she pulls them off, sees it and repeats the cycle! It is funny!

Now that everyone's in bed, its my turn to hog the remote....from no one per se, but I'm hogging it anyway!!!! And Glee is on in 15 mins! Last one til April I sad!!!

Til next time...ciao!

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